Warrior cats love story #2 Free From Love! (She-cat)

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Created by: Leopardsong

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  1. You are a new apprentice! Patchpaw and Lionpaw are three moons older and much more experienced, and your sister Dovepaw has started looking dreamy around Patchpaw. One day you encounter a loner on your territory. You have been training for two moons by then, and are eight moons old. He is a handsome gold tom with think fur and black paws. "Hi," he meows, "I'm Mickey. I live over there." He indicated somewhere out of your borders. You:
  2. If you thought he was cute: You step up to Mickey purring. He's cute and handsome and..Oh, you've fallen in love with him! He purrs and runs his muzzle along your head. You relax into him. You've found peace at last with this perfect cat. Finally you:
  3. If you thought he's trespassing, you ask him what he's doing. He answers "Looking at you, pretty," You:
  4. If you where thinking of Volepaw: You rush back to find Volepaw and tell him about the cat. You find him hunting and you babble it all. He purrs and presses into you. You:
  5. If you asked Mickey if you could be his mate: Mickey smiled. "Of course," he says. "You're the only cat I could ever love." You purr. But you're his mate now what are you going to do? He's a loner.. You:
  6. If you asked your leader they said yes of course if he and you both really want it. You both nod enthusiastically. The Clan eventually learns to trust Mickey, and the two of you settle into Clan life together. Mickey chooses to keep his name, Mickey. (No matter what your result is this is what happened) Do you want to have kits?
  7. If you want kits: If you are now a warrior and Mickey's mate: Several moons pass. It is leaf-bare. You are lying in your nest beside Mickey. It is night, but you can't get to sleep. Your belly hurts. You decide to:
  8. You're now a warrior. Your name is Jayfall. You start spending your time:
  9. If you want kits and you tell the medicine cat: You step into Hollysnow's den. She is sorting herbs and looks up as you enter. "Hello, Hollysnow," you say, "I think I'm sick. My belly's hurting and I can't get to sleep.." Hollysnow asks you to lie down. She pushes at your belly and puts her paws all over your body. Finally she looks up, smiling. Crossly you snap, "What's so funny? I need help here and you're just sitting there grinning!" Hollysnow smiles at you. "No, you don't need help," she says. As you stare, puzzled, she continues. "There is nothing wrong with you- you're expecting kits!" You stare at her, shocked. Surely not! You were only just a warrior. You'd really wanted kits, yes, but it was too good to be true. "I'm not joking, Jayfall," she says. You start smiling, too. "Thnks, Hollysnow," you say as you:
  10. If you didn't stay with Mickey or bring him to your leader or become his mate, or start sneaking off to see him, your days are occupied with:
  11. You have worked so hard, you are given a day to do as you please. You decide to:

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