warrior cats love story #1( for she-cats)

this is my first quiz so plz be nice in it ok. i really worked hard and i hope you like it! its my first ever and i will try to make lots more of these more.

this is about a she-cat who has love in her life..... you are the she-cat! you go on a love adventure! make friends, make enemies, and get... a... tom!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: cat

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  1. this is only for sh-cats sorry tom.
  2. you wake up and see fox kit a red tom with a white belly, playing with dustkit a brown kit with white paws and a white muzzle. your mother is asleep. what do you do?
  3. dustkit looks at you in a weird way. " alright lets play some moss ball!" foxkit yelled out. you...
  4. you play and have lots of fun. on your way back to the nursery you run into a black tom with dark blue eyes. " oh sorry " you say. " its fine. by the way my name's crowkit." he tells you. what do you do?
  5. when you wake up you see crowkit looking at you from the other side of the nursery, with one ear flopped down.
  6. soon after you wonder into the forest. you end up running into a rogge, he jumps at you before you know it your pined to the ground. then crowkit jumps out of a bush onto the rogge, making him get off you. " were you fallowing me?" you ask him with a smirk. " NO! maybe... can we talk about it later?" he mutters. later the others come over and help out the rogge eventually flees. you are all congratulated. and told you apprentice ceremony will be moved a few moons early.
  7. you foxkit dustkit crowkit all spend more time together. ( unless you've bin making mean comments then you are alone) at your apprentice ceremony your father is making a glare at you while your mother is smiling with pride that your becoming a warrior. why is your father upset at you
  8. crowpaw always seems to look at you when ever you walk by. what are you thinking
  9. you finally get some time to your self when you run into a tall gray rogge, he looks at you and smirks... his teeth are sharper then anything you've seen. he lunges but instead of hitting you he hits a fox who was dangerously close to you. " thanks" you say as the fox runs off. " no prob i'm graettooth. i mean no harm." he says. "do you want to come back to camp with me?" you ask him. he nods. your leader doesn't seem to like him what do you say in his defence?
  10. your leader lets him stay. crowpaw glares at him. your sister streamkit seems to like him ...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUM BUM BUM!!!!!

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