Warrior Cats Love Story 2

The cats are back and new-leaf comes! So who will you choose . . . Quick Lightning, Strong Gorse, or Gruff Mouse?

In this wild quiz of love, choose who you really love. Again, it is always up to you to make the final decision. So take the quiz now and see what happens!

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. You puff your chest out with pride as your Clan calls your warrior name, along with Lightninggrass, Mousetail, and Gorsethunder. Purring, you turn to them. You say:
  2. You are shown to the warriors' den, and you are thinking:
  3. It was a chilly vigil. When you go into the den, Lightninggrass grooms your fur and warms it after the other toms had fallen asleep. You:
  4. A new day! Mousetail stretched and sniffed you. He growled something to Lightninggrass, who looked calm. Your thoughts flicker back to last night when Lightninggrass had groomed you. Then you think:
  5. Shaking your fur, you goon the dawn patrol your deputy Peatfur had assigned you on. It was with Creeknose and Gorsethunder. Your reaction:
  6. The patrol has finished. Creeknose left to hunt, leaving you and Gorsethunder next to a stream. You watched it side by side and he twines his tail with yours. You:
  7. Whatever you did, Gorsethunder said he would go hunting with Creeknose and left. You went to camp after wading in the stream a bit. You felt a tingle in your paws as you realized something was wrong. You went to the medicine cat's den, and, to your surprise, Mousetail was there! What do you think?
  8. You learned that Mousetail has blackcough. There is plenty of catmint in stock, but Mousetail is very weak and feeble. You:
  9. Mousetail is better, and nothing much else has happened. You:
  10. Moons pass, and so does leaf-bare. It is new-leaf now, and you look forward to a nice day in your Clan in part 3.

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