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You know Warrior Cats right? The book made by Erin Hunter about cats! There are many people who love the book. They make lots of fanart for it. It's one of the best cat books.

Are you A true fan of warrior cats? Do you know the books? Do you read them? Find out by taking this quiz I made to test you and your knowledge about the famous book!

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  1. What was Firepaw's kittypet name?
  2. Who murdered Bluestar's mother?
  3. Did Crowfeather have A cousin?
  4. Who are Squirrelflight and Bramblestar's kits?
  5. Who is Hollyleaf's mate?
  6. Which cats are part of the three?
  7. How does Leafstar lose her first life?
  8. What is Firepaw's warrior name?
  9. Did Dovewing love Bumblestripe?
  10. Did Bluestar appoint Firepaw as A deputy right after Lionheart died? (Can't reveal name for you)

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