Warrior cats: do you have the heart of a warrior?

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This is my second quiz I've ever made! I mean, my first one wasn't BAD, but I didn't realize how short ten questions were. But you better check it out anyways.

We have all read WARRIORS by Erin Hunter. I bet everyone wonders if they had the strength, courage, and smarts to become a warrior. Please answer honestly our you will live with the guilt of lying. TO A COMPUTER!

Created by: Warrior cats fan

  1. What is your favorite prey?
  2. What would you like to do in your freetime?
  3. What is your favorite clan?
  4. W hat is your spirit animal?
  5. What would you do if rogues attacked the camp?
  6. You're in the middle of a battle and see that your leader needs help. You:
  7. It's leaf-bare and you're out hunting and catch a plump squirrel. You:
  8. Which Thunderclan leader would you like to emulate (be like)?
  9. Which Shadowclan leader would you like to emulate?
  10. Which skyclan leader would you like to emulate?
  11. Which riverclan leader would you like to emulate?
  12. Which windclan leader would you like to emulate?
  13. What is your talent?
  14. You are at a gathering and a pretty/handsome tom/she-cat asks you to meet them at the border. You:
  15. You are on a border patrol and catch a cat from another clan catching a mouse on your territory. You:
  16. You find out that your friend is meeting a cat from another clan. You:
  17. An evil rogue threatens to kill rather your mate, kits, or leader and you have to decide. You will sacrifice:
  18. You're expecting kits and find out their father is in a different clan. You:
  19. What would be your warrior name?
  20. What would be your weapon?
  21. What would your friends describe you as?
  22. You have just fought in a huge battle and the medicine cat tells you that your mate will not survive their wounds. You:
  23. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  24. Are you ready to see your results?

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Quiz topic: Warrior cats: do I have the heart of a warrior?