Warrior Cats Love story (She-cat character)

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It is about warriors!!! the Erins did a great job on the books. And the cats there have such cool adventures so now you can have your own and you get to choose what happens! so play it! play!

You have just become a warrior of riverclan! but uh oh some toms love you! can you pick one and survive that clan life drama? BTW there will be a part 2 and 3 and 4 and well you get the idea!

Created by: Kindheart
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  1. Just to clarify your cat is the colored one in the picture. your name is Snowpetal and your clan is Riverclan, now to the story: "Snowpetal! Snowpetal!" you have just become a warrior! your so excited and you can't wait for your first warrior mission. you know that you will have to sit vigil tonight but there was plenty of time before that. However at that moment a yellow tom with warm yellow eyes came up to you. "Hi snowpetal. I'm Sunstorm." he said as he continued you listend "follow me i'll show you your new den!" as you follow him you think:
  2. When you enter the den Sunstorm shows you where your nest is then goes over to lie in his nest. you notice that beside your nest is another cat. he looks at you with hard, cold eyes. when you meet his gaze he gives a sniff of disapproval then turns away you know this cat his name is Frostfoot. you decide that he is
  3. A little while later Frostfoot gets up and says to you "its time for you to go stand vigil" his voice is softer but his eyes stayed the same cold and hard. As you get into position Sunstorm comes by and says "I'll come get you in the morning, and i hope it won't be to cold for you." at this you smile and the night wears on. when dawn arrives Sunstorm comes to get he presses against you to keep you warm. But Frostfoot passes you on the way. you notice that he glares at Sunstorm. Sunstorm gives him a stare of triumph and something else. you think
  4. When you wake up it almost sun-high as you exit the den you see your best friend Swiftriver. she calls you over. when you get there she tells you that she you wants you to patrol with her and Frostfoot. you agree and head out Frostfoot walks beside you while Swiftriver takes the lead. suddenly your fur brushes up against his you both leap back embarrassed you say sorry. he nods his head and pulls away.
  5. Finally you reach the edge of your territory where your border and shadowclans border meet. suddenly a group of rouges leap out from some bushes and attack your patrol! you fight hard using the belly swipe and even the play dead trick! finally you chase them off. then you gasp! Frostfoot is really hurt blood was pouring out of a wound in his neck as you wait outside the medicine cats den you think
  6. one moon passes and thankfully Frostfoot is better.Even more good news tonight is the night of the gathering! you can't wait. finally you head out, you walk between Sunstorm and Frostfoot. Sunstorm pulls ahead because someone is calling him. before you can do anything Frostfoot speaks to you. "Snowpetal, you know he will be announcing your name at the gathering right?" you are surprised because he is smiling and his voice is casual. you nod in response
  7. When you reach the gathering you see that Thunderclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan where already there. you race down and find a good spot to sit. Frostfoot sits beside you and Sunstorm sits on your other side. you notice that they are both glaring at each other. the gathering goes well until Shadowclan's leader Mossstar speaks "Riverclan has been scented inside Shadowclan teritory!" the Riverclan gasped and hissed You hiss how could they accuse them when no cat had crosses the border! Mossstar continued talking "Riverclan will pay! you must learn to respect our borders!" with that the gathering ended on your way home you wonder:
  8. The next day, you went on hunting patrol you where hunting by the river that separates the shadowclan and riverclan border. when suddenly a shadowclan cat rushed out and pinned you. you began thrashing but nothing helped. thats when you realized that he was dragging you to his territory. you quickly
  9. The shadowclan managed to get you into the pines and out of site before your clanmates could find you. he drags you all the way to his camp, when you finally get there he takes you to the leaders den. Mossstar explains what was happening "its very simple if you enter our territory! then steal prey. we will steal one of your warriors! We will not give you back until your leader admits to what he has done." with that you are shoved into a dark tunnel and a guard is placed at the entrance so you can't escape. all you can think about is
  10. (Back at camp) Frostfoot stared at the camp entrance Snowpetal had still not arrived. He ran to the leader it was almost night time and he knew she had left well before sun high. he told Treestar. and Treestar told him to take Sunstorm with him and find her. He was not to keen to take Sunstorm they where both fighting over Snowpetal. He loved her in fact they both loved her since she had become an apprentice. Frostfoot thought while they looked. I'm just not as good at letting out my feelings or talking to her as Sunstorm. suddenly his nose twitched. he smelled shadowclan. following it he smelled her scent then a shadowclan scent it met her scent by the river and her scent went over the border with the shadowclan scnet! he ran back to the camp with Sunstorm and told Treestar about what he had found!

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