Warrior cats love story #2 Love Lionpaw (She-cat)

So you love Lionpaw, but does he love you back? What happens next? This quiz will help you find out. If you haven't done Warrior cats love story #1 then do it first please and come here if you get you love Lionpaw. If you're a medicine cat do that, and etc.

Created by: Leopardsong

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  1. "Jaypaw! Jaypaw! Dovepaw! Dovepaw!" Your Clan cheers your name. You purr, looking at your mentor, Lizardclaw. You see Lionpaw looking at you and you:
  2. Lizardclaw takes you on patrol with Lionpaw and Patchpaw, and Brackenheart, Tigerberry and Fangstripe. You three apprentices are in the back while the warriors are in the front, chatting. Brackenheart walks in between them, being the newest warrior. It's a border patrol and the Clans have been at peace for moons, so you aren't in guard against them. You approach a narrow gap and have to go through in pairs. You decide to go with:
  3. If you where with Lionpaw: You and Lionpaw reach where the path widens. You:
  4. If you went with Patchpaw: You and Patchpaw reach where the path widens. You:
  5. If you went with Brackenheart: You and Brackenheart reach where the path widens. You:
  6. Suddenly greencough strikes the camp and Lionpaw becomes very sick. You start spending your time:
  7. At last Lionpaw is better but he's very weak and can't train yet. You:
  8. Lionpaw and Patchpaw get their warrior names you:
  9. You finally get your warrior name, Jayheart. You are:
  10. You prefer:

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