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  • Idea
  • Where are you from?
    "(I apologize for just butting in to this conversation) My friends are crazy. My one from sent a napkin on fire, my other friend went "
  • Does he like me?
    "1000 post haha lol"
  • Stage Fright
    "go rach! hit on the 20 year olds, they have all the cash. haha ;D"
  • Stage Fright
    "Sing on youtube!!! "
  • "party over here! party over there!! wave your hands in the air shake your dairy air!!!!!"
  • Does he like me?
    "Thanks Bambi! BTW, rach, I'm really not that mature, a few weeks ago I really hurt my leg falling out of a wagon, lol."
  • Does he like me?
    "haha, nah. do I look 19? lol, I am kinda oldish looking for my age, I get a lot of job offerings, it's pretty funny"
  • Does he like me?
    "lol, I'm not 19, I'm only 14 (turning 15 on 10/17!)"
  • Does he like me?
    "Okay, I just really have to know if this guy likes me or not. I've liked him since March of last year. He found out in May, and showed signs..."
  • "Well, I guess it depends how tell you are. If you're, like 5'10" (like me, lol) and he's 5'8", then that's one thing. But if you're 5'4" and..."
  • email/twitter bla bla
    "Thank you so much! I'm still working on my newest series, but another quiz will be out soon"
  • email/twitter bla bla
    "Oh, hey rach!"
  • email/twitter bla bla
    "email rebe1235094 it's at yahoo"
  • email/twitter bla bla
    "my email is [no emails] and my youtube is originalfredowner"

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