which guy will you fall in love with part 5

This is a love story about four guys. Alex, Seth, Adam, and Josh. You must choose one of them to date before the end of the month, and you're into the second week. If you haven't already take the first four quizzes.

Last time Gavin just came and crashed your pool party. Luckily the boys (looking as fine as ever) came and took care of him. We left off with Josh telling you about a note he received from Gavin, and here you go, part 5! So, which guy will you fall in love with?

Created by: rebekahgilman
  1. Josh leaves the room and you go back to sleep. What are you dreaming of?
  2. The wake up the next morning and Seth is looking pretty fine in his boxers and six pack. You're getting yourself a bowl of cereal, when he wraps his arms around you, like he was hugging you backwards, and kisses your check. "Hey baby, you look sexy in the morning." What are you thinking?
  3. Alex stumbles in and sees you and Seth making out. "Seth, how can you kiss this early in the morning?" What do you think?
  4. Finally Josh and Adam roll out of bed and the five of you are eating breakfast. Adam is sipping orange juice and eating toast, Josh is eating fruit loops, Alex is eating cold pizza, Seth is eating eggs and bacon, and you are eating your favorite cereal. They tell you that they all want to take you out for a date. Seth today, Adam tomarrow, Alex, and then Josh. You agree and go get ready for your date with Seth. What do you wear?
  5. Well, whatever you wore, Seth's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "You look hot!" he said kissing you on the head. You two get into Seth's car, you are thinking?
  6. Seth pulls into a nice resturant. He opens the door for you, and you blush. He has reservations for the two of you and you sit down. He looks into your eyes and says those three magic words, "I love you." What do you say?
  7. You two continue on your dinner date. What do you guys talk about?
  8. After you two finish you two go back into Seth's car. He pulls into the movies. You two get out, and go to see "He's Just not that into you" (Seth let you pick) You two enter the room and sit down. Where do you sit?
  9. Wherever you sit, it doesn't matter. Seth and you barely watch the movie and are making out the whole entire time. What are you thinking while you're kissing him?
  10. Well, the movie ended, and you didn't watch any of it. Nice... You get back home at around 10 o clock and Alex says he wants to talk to you. You follow him into his room and he asks what the date was like. You tell him and he looks really jealous. Then he tells you that he's a better kisser than Seth. You smile and he leans in to kiss you. He's actually really good! You're thinking?
  11. You finish and decide to go to bed. Right as your falling asleep Adam says he needs to talk to you. He closes the door, walks in, and sits down on your bed. Then, he starts kissing you. Are you loving this?
  12. You and Adam are getting pretty into this. He has his hand up your shirt and you might actually like this? Then Josh walks in and Adam sighs. He gives you a quick kiss on the check, says goodnight to you and Josh, then leaves. Josh sits down and says he hasn't gotten to see you all day! What are you thinking?
  13. You and Josh start kissing and he lays down next to you. You're both really tired, and you fall asleep. When you wake up, Josh is next to you looking adorable with his messy hair. He wakes up and sees you. "What happened?" You laugh and reply, "We fell asleep while we were kissing," Then you two start kissing again. This time you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around on its...
  14. Yup, it's Gavin, and he's ticked off. But... come back for part 6! Who do you love?

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