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  • Your Result: Brad

    "Uhhh..." you look at me (rebe) and I'm holding up 2 fingers, "2?" Then you see, OMO! BRAD! The British rockstar came to my party? When did he get here? How long has he been here? He walks over to you and you faint onto the floor. When you wake up you see Brad next to you in the hospital. "How about those 9 minutes?" The two of you makeout until the nurse comes in. More than 9 minutes, probably. You two get married and have three amazing children. They all become famous British singers like their father.

    Aw[no urls] name them Madison, Tom, and Nicolas :)

    IceBabe Jan 1 '12, 3:00PM
  • i have no clue who these ppl r lol. but i still got the hot british rockstar so im fine

    iceprincess95 Jun 23 '09, 11:30AM
  • i have no clue who these ppl r lol. but i still got the hot british rockstar so im fine

    iceprincess95 Jun 23 '09, 11:29AM
  • Ben

    "Number three!" you say and Ben stands up. Oh Gawsh. He skips to the closet, because only good ole Ben would do that... You finally walk in and he kisses you. ew. ew. ew. EW! He can sense that you are kinda grossed out and seems upset. Ben's not all THAT bad. So you decide to give him a chance. Well, you two kiss for about half a minute, and you figure that it won't work. The two of you become good friends until 11th grade when he moves to Alaska. Only Ben... :D

    i got a diff guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    hip hop Mar 14 '09, 8:25PM
  • erm..... Khalil is a good boyfirend but a bad husband that i end up being single again?!?!?! i'd rather stay single from the beginning and not get married anymore! lawl

    weird quiz..... =p

    xXxXxemo_kittyxXxXx Mar 5 '09, 2:58AM
  • weird quiz, but lol all the samee ;)

    Puppy xo1 Mar 4 '09, 10:14PM
  • Who the heck is Theo?

    supercoolmom Mar 4 '09, 9:04PM
  • Theo

    Theo's single AGAIN? "Four," you say and Theo stands up. "Let's get this over with," he says. You two just sit there when he starts dissing my history project. You slap him across the face and run out. I don't blame you. STUPID THEO!

    um i dont get it

    hip hop Mar 3 '09, 1:23AM

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