How likely are you to kill someone?

Hey my quiz-taking friends hope you like this quiz (my second quiz lol) I shall tell you whether you have a chance of killing someone or not and if you do get a high score, I hope you'll spare me lol. P.S. I hope you answer honestly! P.P.S. Sorry about question number 8 I'm fixing it right now!

TAKE THE QUIZ! TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT!!! Okay I'm done lol there's no pressure my friend, take it if you want it's your own choice, I am not your boss though you might find this quiz amusing and notice how I said "might"? People have different types of humor so lol I'll let you get on with the quiz.

Created by: Carri04

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  1. Sorry but I must ask this, What's your favourite colour?
  2. What's your favourite weapon?
  3. WHat's the best way to kill someone?
  4. Can you handle pain?
  5. Your best friend has been took hostage by a murderer who will garenteed his/her safety IF you provide him with a million bucks and you have one bullet in your gun and could shoot the murderer but risk shooting your best friend, you....?
  6. If you caught your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you with your best friend you would.....?
  7. If a bully was bothering you or your friends you would.....?
  8. How many people do you want to kill?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. Last question, are you ready to see your score?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to kill someone?