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  • I got called ugly (di. quote: " and her ugly face.") by a VERY annoying guy, who is unfortunately my best friend's boyfriend. We're in high school. I've never been called ugly before, but even with the small seed he's sprouted, my mind has began to wander and I fear that one day I will believe what he said. I DON'T want to be the victim here, and I tried to play it cool when I left the Skype call we were all in when he said that. My best friend acted like nothing had happened, and that made me feel pretty frustrated with both her and her boyfriend. But what can I say, I did say I tried playing it cool and said it was fine. It sort of caused a scene, and I got very anxious. I still am. I'm having some vague homicidal thoughts right now, and I'm trying to let off some steam by distracting myself with quizzes like this. w/e.

  • I got very likely. With a score of 91%. I love guns but it's a stupid idea to kill someone if your gonna be in the area afterwards, this is due to gun residue. Also, knives are fun and you can choose how deep the knife goes in and where exactly it goes so this way you can decide how long it takes the person to die, or how painfully. (Or really quick) (you need to know the human body for this tho)

  • Is it wrong that I have had millions of intrusive homicidal thoughts to anyone? ex. teacher gives me a bad grade I want to stab them deeply with knives watching the blood gush out of their mouths and life wasting away as they watch me, laughing at them twisting the blade deeper and deeper. Another ex. someone bumps into me and says sorry It is stupid and unnessacery to do that so they need to be punished by torture or worse. I take pleasure in these thoughts and have been having them since age 10. People need to be punished, tortured to me. I want to watch some suffer, light them on fire. I still have these thoughts very very often and they are stronger, and I'm not angry about it I'm calmer. However, no one knows except the one reading this. Only because of my ability to lie in any situation convincing enough they let me go. I am able to drift off the radar unsuspected I can blend in anywhere. I am manipulative. Which to everyone I seem normal quite, but then again no one plans a murder aloud. I am young, but capable of killing and causing others extreme pain starting at age 10. This only started because I had a what they call "stressor". If I ever do commit murders they would be random o connections I could cover my tracks so good Im so quite oh it would be so easy to kill them just watching their life drift away. It is quite a dream isent it?

    Mind Killer
  • James Bond 007 I really don't care if you like my quiz or not but I'm trying to be nice here but when you talk about death threats, I still don't care, cause if you kill me I bet most of my friends would track you down and torture you until you die!! Yeah that's right a lot of people like me.

  • Whoops sorry spelling mistake on the result "Likely" instead of "scary enough to make someone wet your pants" it's actually "scary enough to make someone wet their pants" so sorry about the mistake and I apologize for any confusion!

  • i am 24 and i got likely i have an anger problem that is uncontrollable and that is the worst of it i know i am a sick/twisted person and that is what makes me, me lol.

    i have the tendency to mean things i say and do things i mean to say, me having the tendency to kill would be the least of your worries if you met me in an anger mood, i can be one of the nicest people but never cross me and you will see a side of me that you don't ever want to see

  • not very likely but ill still blow myself up

    well i probably will blow myself up cuz im an idiot like that

    bout the not very likely... well i probably wont i settle with beating the crap out of people then leaving them alive to feel the pain so thats kinda even more sadistic than killing

  • How likely are you to kill someone?
    Your Result: Not Likely

    You're not very likely to kill someone but you do have some anger issues and you will eventually blow up and possibly hurt someone but you won't go as far as taking someone's life.

    Very Likely
    Very Unlikely

    that is so true, sometimes i want to kill plp but i dont cause i know it is rong. but i do hurt plp if necessary

    x aka mrlq x
  • Omg people actually like my quizzes lol this is my second and I'm having a hard time getting an idea for my third quiz any suggestions?

  • Very likely, meh, I'm more likely to simply beat the s--- out of them, because I know I'll just forget about the ordeal two days later.

  • Likely

    Wows your almost scary enough to make someone wet your pants lol I believe you sorta have an anger problem *hides under chair* but I'm ok with it! ....

  • How likely are you to kill someone? Your Result: Not LikelyYou're not very likely to kill someone but you do have some anger issues and you will eventually blow up and possibly hurt someone but you won't go as far as taking someone's life.Very UnlikelyLikelyVery LikelyHow likely are you to kill someone?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

  • I'm 9 and I got Very Unlikely. I would sacrifice anything to permanently fly-proof my house. And Lol at my house I saw some kind of bug the size of a pine beetle although it wasn't a pine beetle! GET OUT OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD FOREVER STUPID FLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of course I'm very likely. I have a freaking claw hand. I CAN and WILL use it. Plus, I survived being shot in the head various times.

    Neuro Nougami
  • pretty good quiz but my therapist actually said that if I was not getting hepl I would be a serial killer. lol!all in all I am not mean. I am pretty nice I just have my moments.

  • I was very likely and i am 12 interesting .

    Painfull death
  • Likely, lol! Awesome quiz!!!

  • I got unlikely, which is good, cuz i dont particularly have the urge to kill any1 rite now! That was a great quiz,well done!:)

  • Very likely.

  • i got likely. the quiz was slightly unpleasant, but it was all right, for a mere child. i suppose i shall spare thee. put more choises next time. i had to pick knife instead of daggar like i wanted to.

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    You know you're curious... ;)

  • Not Likely

  • carri, should i be concerned that you made a quiz about killing people? With spoons? (which is what i picked, haha)

    but, you're still awesome, is 10/10!

  • Likely.

    That's.... Unexpected. Thought I'd get UNlikely! I can't possibly imagine KILLING anyone. *Hides dagger behind back*

    Dark Skeleton
  • I liked the quiz as I am not someone who likes to kill for pleasure.My result came that I was not likely to kill someone.


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