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  • Llywelyn Weald Ideology
    [published: Jan 19, 2014]

    Kanagari originated on the planet of Moyaka. They evolved from a people called Azadalluri, who were…

  • This is about me
    [published: Dec 17, 2013]

    Random facts regarding myself circa 2013 I don't expect you to know all of them. All were posted on the forums…

  • Go on, decipher.
    [published: Mar 16, 2013]

    Can you figure this out? Do you even know what language this is in? It is in Ta'Omegh'yar loH, but I won't tell…

  • Tritanope
    [published: Dec 20, 2012]

    This whole thing is about Tritanopes. I apologize in advance to any Tritanopes who look at this Neanderthally thing.…

  • What type of Parallelogram is THAT?!
    [published: Nov 20, 2012]

    There are occasions when you just gotta know what type of parallelogram you're dealing with.…

  • More Random Knowledge
    [published: Oct 15, 2011]

    This is all about random knowledge and stuff most people probably don't know. Or maybe you do know this…

  • I made this at 5 in the morning
    [published: Jul 25, 2011]

    I made this at 5 in the morning. It looks like I put my weed in here. Damn the spiders to hell.…

  • Are you subject to shenanigans?
    [published: Jul 24, 2011]

    This is about shenanigans. Really. This is about shenanigans. Really.This is about shenanigans.…

  • Another Random Knowledge Quiz!
    [published: Jul 13, 2011]

    This is just a bunch of random crap that I know. So I wanted to see how many other people know…

  • How much do you hate the 30 second Time Limit?
    [published: Feb 24, 2010]

    Find out if you hate the time limit. The Time Limit is, after all, annoying. It…

  • Four Circles of Random- Which will YOU fall in?
    [published: Jun 5, 2009]

    Hello. This is a random quiz based on your randomness style and which of these…

  • Could you go through THIS without going nuts?!
    [published: Mar 2, 2009]

    Are you tough enough to handle what is in this quiz? Or are you nuts? Is this quiz…

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