Which political ideology are you

The Political Ideologies: 1. Conservatism: A right-wing ideology that believes in limited government, but believe government should get involved in social and economic issues. 2. Liberalism: A left-wing ideology that believes that government is the solution to every problem. 3. Libertarianism: Libertarianism is an ideology that limits government and lets the people decide. 4. Progressivism: Progressivism is an ideology that is in favoring or promoting political or social reform through government action or revelation to prove the lot of majority. 5. Populism: Populism is like libertarianism where it's centre and represents the people, but there are aslo populist who can go either left or right. Centrism: Centrism is an independent and has their own view.

Which ideology you think you are? Take the test and find out. It doesn't matter what you are. it doesn't you're left, right, or centre. Go a head, try.

Created by: Lucas Northrup
  1. Should abortion be legal?
  2. Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  3. What should we do about the immigrants in our country?
  4. Should the United States intervene with other countries?
  5. Should guns be legal?
  6. Which President do you admire most?
  7. Which political party do you support more of?
  8. Which political ideology you think you are?
  9. What do think of government?
  10. Do you believe in freedom of speech

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Quiz topic: Which political ideology am I