An Ideology Quiz

If you wonder what political ideology you are than this quiz can help. There will be four results that will cover the major ideologies. The four ideologies are...

(from left-wing to right-wing) Social Democracy, Liberalism, Liberal Conservatism, and National Conservatism. There are other ideological groups that are popular, but many could fit inside one of these four groups.

Created by: PolSci Guy

  1. Equal rights for Same-Sex Couples
  2. Legalization of soft drugs
  3. Secularism is a good thing for society
  4. We need more social justice and activism
  5. Immigration Policy
  6. Environmental Regulations are worth the cost
  7. Healthcare
  8. Regulations are a threat to our economy
  9. Basic Services (Education, Transportation, Energy, etc.)
  10. Lowering taxes is more ideal than expanding welfare
  11. Taxes should be high for the rich
  12. I support international organizations like the European Union

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