Political Ideology Quiz

If you wonder what Political Ideology you are than this quiz can help. There will be four results that will cover the major ideologies. The four ideologies are..

Left Wing, Centrist, Liberalism (Libertarian for Americans), and Right Wing. I hope this can help you, since ideologies are a major player in politics.

Created by: Michael Reppy

  1. View on Abortion?
  2. Same sex marriage?
  3. Legalizing Marijuana?
  4. Minimum Wage?
  5. Gun Laws?
  6. Climate Protection Laws?
  7. Healthcare?
  8. Immigration?
  9. Foreign Policy?
  10. Do you trust the private (Business) or public (Government) sector more?
  11. What type of Trade do you support?
  12. What should Government focus on more?

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