Which leftist ideology do you believe in?

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Leftist ideologies are often regarded as an extremely diverse world, home to a lot of infighting due to very different opinions about the nature of the perfect socialist society, its goals, values and last but not least how it should be achieved. Wheter you are confused about what to believe or you just want to see if your opinions match with your preferred ideology, this test is for you!

Attention: due to physical limitations, this test does not feature several sub-ideologies, as well as deviations such as dengism or even some main ideologies like anarcho-individualism or mutualism; I tried to include what I regard as the most important and/or interesting ideologies. Moreover, although I tried to make the questions as unbiased as possible, I do NOT support all the ideologies listed in the results.

Created by: Red Horizon

  1. The best way to achieve my goal is through liberal electoral politics.
  2. Revolution is the only way of achieving a socialist society.
  3. Workplace democracy within capitalism is preferable to a complete socialization of the economy.
  4. Revolutionary violence is acceptable as long as the final outcome is positive.
  5. It is better to redistribute wealth through progressive taxes than to expropriate wealthy citizens’ properties.
  6. Modern social democracy is a betrayal of left-wing values.
  7. All the means of production, such as factories and farms, should be owned by the state.
  8. It is possible to peacefully convince the ruling class to conform to a socialist society.
  9. A dictatorship of the proletariat must be established immediately after the revolution to avert a possible counter-revolution.
  10. The liberal free market is inherently unfair.
  11. A centrally planned economy is preferable to autonomous economic agents.
  12. Every company should be collectivized and democratically owned by all its workers.
  13. Trade unions are the only actors capable of achieving our goal.
  14. In a revolution, mass spontaneous uprisings are more positive and effective than carefully planned attacks.
  15. The state should be abolished.
  16. The party and/or central committee should be subject to the will of worker councils.
  17. A world socialist republic is a realistic and desirable goal.
  18. Nationalism is detrimental and unacceptable in your ideal society.
  19. The global socialist movement should be lead by a single party or organization.
  20. What should be the ruling body of your ideal society?
  21. The Soviet Union was a good example of socialism in practice.
  22. The leadership of political parties in the progression towards socialism will always lead to authoritarianism.
  23. The oppressed workers should be lead by a party of politically coscientious people who know what is best for them.
  24. To liberate the oppressed, social rights are more important than individual rights.
  25. The liberation of women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ people are fundamental political struggles as important as class struggle, and inseparable from it.
  26. Welfare policies are preferable to mutual aid.
  27. Prisons are oppressive institutions that need to be abolished.
  28. A secret police should be established after the revolution to prevent counter-revolutionaries from retaking power.
  29. Non-violent forms of resistance and rebellion are the only acceptable ones.
  30. Some form of currency will always be needed by human societies.
  31. Socialist organizations are more fair and efficient when organized loosely and decentrally.
  32. A highly centralized planned economy is not socialism but rather state capitalism.
  33. How the transition to a socialist society should take place?

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Quiz topic: Which leftist ideology do I believe in?