Suzerain Political Ideology Quiz (Reworked)

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Suzerain is a dynamic political stimulator and role play drama inspired by real life countries. It has many different ideologies inspired by irl ideologies like liberal capitalism and Marxism. Take this quiz to find out what ideology fits you the most in Suzerain!

This quiz has been reworked from the original quiz, which focuses on more in-depth ideological questions rather than specific policies you could implement in the original Suzerain political ideology quiz. It also encompasses all possible ideologies in Suzerain. Take your time and choose every option based on your most favorite answer!

Created by: Apple
  1. Assuming you are the newly elected President Rayne, what would your policies be on the economy?
  2. Which political system of Sordland would you implement?
  3. How would you shape Sordland’s foreign policy?
  4. What do you think about Article 6&7? (Article 6: Every citizen regardless of their ethnicity, is a Sord; Article 7: All Sords are equal before law)
  5. What would you do with women’s rights?
  6. What should Sordland’s main country outlook be?
  7. What do you think about traditions?
  8. 8. What do you think about militarism?
  9. Who are your favorite political figures?
  10. Finally, would you identify yourself as a?

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