Political ideology quiz -non troll version

At last a non trolling political quiz, you will find out truly what your views are and where you stand on the political spectrum, what this quiz tells you is final

The ultimate way to find out your political ideology, do you love freedom or love the government. Do you have economic sense or did you cause the financial crisis?

Created by: Olly Nev
  1. Are tax rates too high?
  2. Can cutting tax raise revenues?
  3. Do you agree with free trade?
  4. Should the Government decide who is allowed to get married?
  5. Do animals have rights similar to humans
  6. Do you agree with Government controlling immigration
  7. Should Government provide free healthcare?
  8. Do you agree with Government pursuing Military Intervention in foreign countries?
  9. What is the main cause of terrorism
  10. Is tax theft?
  11. Should schools be privatised?
  12. Should roads be privatised?
  13. Should police be privatised?
  14. Should courts be privatised?
  15. Who is justified in making laws?
  16. Language is something that evolves, is there one 'right' way to spell things or use punctuation or is every person's use of language correct for them and there is no objectively right way to use language

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