Political Ideology Quiz

This is a quiz about political ideology, find out where you lie on the political spectrum by taking this interesting and informative quiz which lets you know where you stand

Before now you could only wonder as to what your true polical ideology is, now you can find out with this great quiz telling you how much freedom or statism you believe in

Created by: ollyneville
  1. Are tax rates too high?
  2. Can Cutting tax raise revenue
  3. Do you agree with Free trade
  4. Do you believe in Government controlling immigration
  5. Should Government provide free healthcare
  6. Do you agree with Government pursuing Military Intervention in foreign countries
  7. What is the main cause of terrorism
  8. Is tax theft
  9. Should schools be privatised
  10. Should roads be privatised
  11. Should police be privatised
  12. Should courts be privatised?
  13. Is law a private matter based on individuals morality and thus something that should be different for each individual?

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