Are you a communist (written by a communist)

You are either a communist or not or in the middle if you are rise up the revolutionary spirit still lives on so don't give up the fight viva la revolution

Are you a communist do you have the revolutionary spirit or do you whole heart support communism and love revolution or do you hate communism and hope it never sees the light of day again

Created by: StalinistWarrior
  1. Is Karl Marx a?
  2. When someone criticises Stalin or Mao you?
  3. Do you believe countries are real and believe borders deserve respect?
  4. If you went back and time and meet Stalin you would?
  5. Have you read the communist manifesto?
  6. What is your opinion on America
  7. When someone says that capitalism is evil you?
  8. Are you a Athiest
  9. When you talk about World War Two you credit
  10. When someone asks your opinion on capitalism and you say something bad and they respond you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a communist (written by a communist)