Are you a true Communist?

There ae only a few true Communists, bent on helping the poor in any way they can! Communists have been stereotyped in an attempt to cover p capitalist lies and flaws. But, everything eventually prevails. Right?

Are YOU a Communist? Whether you want to be one or not, this quiz will help you find out. Now, thanks to this quiz, you can! CONGRATS!!!!! >_> Capitalism is what you want it to be, Communism is what IT IS. Eventually, we shall prevail. (notice I didn't say what I am)

Created by: Alex

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  1. Do you believe that the people have a right to govern themselves as a society?
  2. Who was Karl Marx?
  3. Is America capitalist?
  4. If you worked harder than your sister, but you both got the same allowance, would you be happy?
  5. Communism>Democracy OR Communism
  6. What is Russia's true name?
  7. What is the Proletarian Revolution?
  8. Are Republicans or Democrats leaning more towards Wage Equality?
  9. What country was the first to introduce Communism as the major governmental structure?
  10. Is Capitalism overrated?
  11. So, how have you changed after taking this quiz?
  12. So, what will you do now?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Communist?