Are you a communist?

There are only a few real communists left there (unfortunately), but the word gets thrown around a lot in politics, mostly by people who have no idea what a communist is.

So, have you been wondering whether you ACTUALLY are a communist, or just a social democrat? Or maybe you're one of those people that apply the term to all of their political enemies? In any case, this quiz will give you the answer.

Created by: Someone12345
  1. What is communism?
  2. Is communism possible?
  3. Why did the Soviet Union fail?
  4. What is capitalism?
  5. What do you think of Karl Marx?
  6. Who was the greatest President of the US?
  7. Do you own a Che Guevara t-shirt?
  8. Is America a free country?
  9. What is the political orientation of Barack Obama?
  10. What party do you usually vote for?
  11. What is better, communism or democracy?
  12. What is your way to solve all of America's problems?

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Quiz topic: Am I a communist?