Are you a communist

Communist is when the Government eliminates all classes and destroys the individual, the government has complete control over your lives and you are a slave to the government. For decades Americans have hated Communism

But do you know weather or not you are a communist? Many people belive that Communism is dead but it is very much alive. Take the quiz and see if you are a communist.

Created by: Demonjoe

  1. Do you believe that we should get rid of private property and it should all be owned by the Government?
  2. Do you believe the rich should pay their fair share?
  3. Do you believe that we should keep the inheritence tax?
  4. Should we imprison those who speak out against the Government?
  5. Do you believe we should keep the Federal reserve?
  6. Should the FCC be regulating what goes on TV
  7. Should we be controlling corporations?
  8. Do people have a right to work, limited wage and affirmative action?
  9. Should the government tell you where you can and can't live?
  10. Should we have free education for kids and have them all controled by the Government?

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Quiz topic: Am I a communist