How communist are you?

A test about the basic principles about communism to test how red of a commie you are. Do you think you will start the next revolution, or do you want to know how much you know about communism?

I hate clickbait titles and this quiz definitely won't determine either of those exactly, but hey, I think the quiz is worth a try if you want to challenge yourself. Maybe you hated communism and this may change your mind, strange things happen.

Created by: Behnad
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  1. People should be given
  2. Which statement is true?
  3. Is everyone equal?
  4. Choose the best philosopher.
  5. What is socialism?
  6. What is the main difference between Capitalism and Communism?
  7. What should be done with fascists?
  8. Who is the ruler of a communist government?
  9. Democrats or Republicans?
  10. The focus of the economy should be to generate
  11. Private property (NOT personal property) should be abolished.

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Quiz topic: How communist am I?