Find out if you are a commie deep down inside

Do you see in red or green? have you believed in capitolsim or democracy you're whole life? Find out if you really are, and if you're not maybe you should research communism

Are you really a Pinko commie is it true or have you been bread for capitolism? thanks to this quiz you can find out in a just a few minutes you WILL find out

Created by: mrfinkle
  1. Do you believe everyone should give what they can to the community and take only what they need?
  2. what do you think of Karl Marx
  3. Mao Zedong is?
  4. Stalin did for Russia what _____ for Humanity
  5. Do you believe everyone should work together for the better of the world?
  6. Do you believe in a money trade system or an open trade system?
  7. do you like Mao, Che, Stalin, Lenin, Or marx
  8. are you're beliefs more similar to Former presidents of the united states or marx?
  9. paper or plastic?
  10. How do you think you scored?
  11. Kill the commies?

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