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  • Basically, this whole quiz sucks and was created by someone who has no idea what communism is. The question about Marx, Lenin, Stalin etc. is especially stupid, because it only gives you the choice between supporting all of them or supporting none of them. More accurate answers would be like:

    a) I support all of them.

    b) Marx and Lenin were great, but Stalin was a murderer and is responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    c) Marx was great, but Lenin "interpreted" his theories, making them something they're not, then tried to implement what he believed they were and created the one-party dictatorship that enabled Stalin, one of the greatest murderes in history, to come to power.

    d) I hate all those evil communists.
    I'd pick c, btw.

    • One-party doesn't equal undemocratic. Stalin wasn't a murderer certainly not en masse. Look at studies and statistics. You're a left-com dogmatist. Leninism is Marxism in the age of imperialism and adds on to Marxism and provided theory for actually achieving revolution and socialism.

  • To the designer of this quiz, you are a freaking illiterate. The possessive your is not not spelled "you're" and capitalism does not have an "o" in it. The way you spelled it means you believe in buildings. Moroon!


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