What Kind of Socialist or Communist Are You?

People often misunderstand socialism and communism. There are a large variety of views about these two systems, way more than one quiz can accurately catalog or represent.

However, this quiz sorts through a couple different views of communism and socialism to present you with your closest ideological match. Forget what you think you are and answer the questions honestly to see which famous communist or socialist you are.

Created by: Comrade Sebastian
  1. How does your system come into place?
  2. Who holds the power?
  3. How do you handle the economy?
  4. Leader or Theorist
  5. Political affiliation?
  6. What country are you from?
  7. What class are you really?
  8. Were you exiled?
  9. Revolution is...
  10. What do you think of violence?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Socialist or Communist am I?