Capitalist, Communist, or Facist?

For many years people have debated forms of government. The capitalist system, which has been around since the dawn of civilization, the fascist system, in which the first notable occurence was the emperor julius Caesar's rule, or how about the communist system, which began with political philosopher Karl Marx and truly began with the Russian Revoulution?

Are you a capitalist? Do you spend all your time counting money? Are you a fascist? Do you spend all the time fighting people? Are you a communist? Do you spend all your time enforcing equality? Take this simplified political quiz and find out!

Created by: gishkiman

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  1. Choose a color
  2. You belive government should be
  3. Should your government keep an army in a time of peace?
  4. The workers
  5. Choose a leader in WWII
  6. Your government favors the
  7. Do you believe in equality for all?
  8. Choose two words
  9. Do you know what a "Bourgeois" is?
  10. If you had been the leader of a nation during WWII, what would you have done?
  11. How would your government come to be?
  12. Choose one
  13. Do you think the cold war served a purpose?
  14. Choose a group of countries
  15. Do you know what a Capitalist is? (Answer honestly)
  16. Do you know what a Fascist is? (Honestly...)
  17. Do you know what a Communist is? (Same as before)
  18. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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