Are you a communist?

People may think that they are not a communist. But, it is very clear to find out who is with the 2 Presidents that are running. Once you take the quiz, results will be given with what we think. We are not leaning towards a certain president, REALLY! The creator of this quiz is a independent and is taking true information.

Are you a communist? It is really time for you to find out. Some people that live in the USA do really wonder. This test will make it clear to you. Good luck!

Created by: amazon
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  1. Do you support the following?... Do you think that if a couple gets a abortion and the baby is living, that the child should die?
  2. Do you support the following?... Do you think the rich in the USA should have double taxes?
  3. Do you support the following?... Do you think that the USA should pump more air into tires for more gas millage then trying to find a way to get more gas?
  4. Who are you planning to vote for president this year?
  5. If you voted for McCain, do you think he will turn out to be a good president?
  6. If you voted for Obama, do you think he would be a good president?
  7. Would you kill your OWN baby if you got a abortion?
  8. Do you think that rich people should be taxed more?
  9. If it turns out you are a communist, would you hate yourself?
  10. If it turns out that you are not a communist, would you hate yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I a communist?