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  • Your quiz results
    Are you a communist?
    Your Result: Social Democrat 84%

    You believe that many of Marx' theories are outdated, or were simply wrong. However, you still have a somewhat unfavorable view of capitalism and you believe in achieving greater equality by reforming the system. Most likely, you were once a communist.

    57% Communist
    24% Anti-Communist

    yay, how amusing. 3/5 (power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely)

  • Haha, I was once a Communist! LOlz, I find that amusing.

    And what on Earth did you mean by "and we need to make sure it stays that way/gets better by NOT voting the Republicans in"?!?!

    You just watch, we Repebs will RULE THE WORLD! And Obama was Democratic, and look what he's gotten us so far. MORE in debt, and over a thousand in! Trifling, if you ask me. But then again, no one did. ;P

  • Indeed, I am in fact a communist, how did you know?

  • Nice quiz... ARE YOU BORED? If so, then please, take my quiz:

    "Would you survive the end of the world?"
    I promise, you won't regret it!!!

  • Democrats!!!! Republicans for Voldemort!!!! :P

    Beatle Obsessed
  • Yess

    A communist dawg

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