Which famous communist are you?

Welcome to the "famous communists" quiz. This is a short quiz that will determine which communist you are most closely affiliated with. The options include: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Trotsky, Tito and Honecker.

Answer the questions as honestly as possible. Because of the length of this quiz, it can't be 100% accurate, so if you get something you consider to be wrong, please tell me in the comments so I can add to it or fix it later on.

Created by: Leon Trotsky 122

  1. Collective farms have to be forced upon people for the economy to survive.
  2. Communism should be spread throughout the world to unite all workers.
  3. Absence of democracy is not true communism.
  4. Race, ethnicities and sexualities often are the biggest barrier of the revolution and should be removed.
  5. My personality is:
  6. If there was a revolution, I would:
  7. When it comes to physical looks, I care a lot about:
  8. I want my face to be seen everywhere.
  9. I would protest against my own administration if it started to swerve away from communism.
  10. People are often intimidated by me.

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Quiz topic: Which famous communist am I?