Who are you from the internal struggle in the CPSU(b).

This test will show who you are from the internal struggle in the Bolshevik party after Lenin's death. Trotsky? Stalin? Zinoviev? Kamenev? Maybe Bukharin?

In this test will be questions related to the political views of certain candidates for the post of leader of the USSR after Lenin's death. If something is not clear, read about it in Wikipedia.

Created by: Nickxxxvan
  1. Lenin died. Do we need a cult of his personality?
  2. How about revolution?
  3. What should be the economy?
  4. Who should govern the USSR?
  5. The territorial question of the USSR.
  6. What about censorship?
  7. Your attitude towards the death penalty?
  8. What about other Nations?
  9. Your attitude towards LGBT people?
  10. What is your attitude to the cultural monuments built before the revolution?
  11. What about new shots in the party?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from the internal struggle in the CPSU(b).