Riverside: The Struggle Series, Part One

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Asura Amille lives in New York City, but no matter how crowded the world around her is, she always feels alone, except when she goes to Riverside, then small little gothic store right by the park.

But, her whole world goes down in ruins when she his horribly injured in a car accident in the middle of the night. This is part one of the story of her new struggle in a world where neither looks nor names matter.

Created by: Mia is Silence

  1. The swirls and twists of the busy intersection spun underneath me, as I stood on the balcony outside my bedroom. All my lights were turned off, even though it was only one in the morning, and the only sources of light were the ocassional candles that were scattered across the floor and tabletops. The sound of cars honking, and the smell of late-night meals cooking filled the air, mixing with the deep-tuned music playing on my ipod and the smell of the candle's smoke. Sitting down on my bed, I turned 'The Creationist' by Kerli on, and tugged a swetshirt over my head.
  2. I shoved the ipod into my pocket, leaving the earbuds in my ears. Creeping over to my door, I opened it slowly, so that it wouldn't make a sound. The hinges make a feeble attempt at warning my parents of my exit, but it wasn't loud enough to disturb them. I quietly made my way down the hall, and down the stairs until the front door of the apartment building was in front of me. I handed the doorboy a ten dollar bill, to keep him from telling my parents I left, and he smirked. "I can't do this every night, you know?" He told me. His name was Jake, and he was my age. He worked as the doorboy to earn money for college, and my nightly payments helped him alot. "I know. Thanks," I replied, and rushed out the door into the night air.
  3. The air filled my lungs, giving me a refreshed feeling. I loved going out at night- it was one of the few times I could be alone. At school, I was frequintly reected because of the black swirling designs I draw in the corners of my eyeslids, my black and neon colored clothes, everything about me seemed to scream odd. And of course, my didn't help either. Meaning 'demon' in Hindu, it was just another reason for everyone to feel an urge to reject me.
  4. I weaved my way in between cars on the un-moving, traffic-filled road. As I got ever closer to my destination, I felt my heart beating with excitement. I hardly saw the cab coming, when I felt the horrid pain in my side, and the feeling of my head crashing into oblivion...
  5. I was only out for an instant. When I woke up, I was still on the ground, but this time, I was sitting in a river of my own blood. Even if you took into account all the blood I had lost from cutting, I had never lost this much blood in my life. I felt my breath coming out in strangled gasps, and my leg seemed to be on fire. There were people around me, but I could barely see them- my vision was to blurry. They were holding phones up to their heads, and one was even screaming. I moaned out of pain, which just made them all freak out more.
  6. "Ow..." I moaned again. I suddenly saw Jake standing over me, and his whole face was just a plain old sign of 'Oh my God...'. It scared the crap out of me, because I knew that if he was worried, something was definantly wrong. I heard the sound of approaching sirens, but it was muffled, because it seemed as though the blood was even in my ears.
  7. Soon, I was lifted onto an ambulance gurney. Jake pushed ahead of everyone, making sure that he got onto the ambulance next to me. "It's okay..." He kept whispering, even though I knew I wasn't, because there were tears forming in his eyes. There was no sign of my parents, so hopefully they were still asleep.
  8. Somebody put one of those weird resperator things on my face, and it got a bit easier to take the breaths in, but not much. There was a paramedic trying to clean my leg, and another was lightly dabbing something at my head that burned. They put a neck brace on me, and kept telling me not to move, while Jake kept telling me it was okay.
  9. It was only seconds later when I blacked out again, leaving behind this world of pain...
  10. Yes, I'm sorry, I'm going to leave it hanging until the next part.

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