Awakening: The Struggle Series, Part Two

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After going through a horrible car crash in downtown New York City, Asura is now is a land known as 'Waiting'. She has just awakened in this new land, but she is eager to leave.

The first three people she meets in Waiting seem to be nice, and willing to help her to find her comatose body. She has no choice but to trust them, and hope they know what they're doing, so that she can get back to her life and back to Jake.

Created by: Mia is Silence
  1. Touch. Touch, my ability to feel the world around me, was the first thing that I suddenly sensed. I moved my arms around me, and found that I was no longer on the hospital bed. Instead, I was on a street. Then I regained my hearing. I didn't hear cars- instead, there were voices of kids my age mumbling about me. "Who is she?" "Is she waking up?" "What are we supposed to do with her?".
  2. I noticed when I regained my smelling- not because I smelled something, but because I noticed a great lack of smell. Then, all of a sudden, my eyes opened, and I sat up. I was staring straight at a bunch of other teenagers, and they all had shocked looks on their faces. They started talking about me again, as if I wasn't there, "Her eyes!" "She's still alive!". They all seemed to be dressed from different time periods, and one boy even had an afro. I wondered what they meant by 'she's still alive'.
  3. A girl who looked like a glitter bomb went off and she was in the middle of it walked up to me and grabbed my and, pulling me up. "Hello, my name is Aslyn. What is your name?" I stared at her with a blank expression for a second. It seemed as though I had forgotten my name. But, I quickly recovered and told her, "Asura," then I quickly asked, "Where am I?"
  4. The boy with the afro laughed and stepped forward, shaking my hand. "Ay, mon, don't worry, you be among friends!" I told me, in an obvious Jamaican accent. "You are in da beautiful land of Waiting!" I gave him a questioning look, then asked, "What's Waiting?" I looked around, noticing that our surroundings were the streets of New York- not just any street, we were in the exact same place where the crash took place. "And how did we get here? I'm not dead am I?"
  5. Someone comes from around the corner. And who it is shocks the hell out of me. "Jake!? Jake!" I ran over to him, and stood right in front of him. But he didn't even look at me. "Jake!" I cried, waving my hands in front of his face. His appearence scared me, to. Even though I was used to my own gothic dress, I wasn't used to him wearing it. He looked like he would be ready to go to a funeral any second now, with his black eyeliner, bark clothes, and I saw on his ipod a song that goes by a name I don't want to say. Jake showed no sign of seeing me, and then, just to prove the horror of this moment, he walked right through me. Like I wasn't even there. I turned back to the Afro boy and Aslyn, where a little nerd boy had joined them. I could feel tears pricking in my eyes. "W-why can't he see me?" I whispered.
  6. "Because you aren't alive. Although, considering the color of your eyes, you aren't dead either." The nerd told me. He motioned to Aslyn, who pulled out a little handheld mirrior and handed it to me. I flipped it open, and gasped when I saw my eyes. The rest of me looked like it usually did, but my eyes...They had become a swirling color mix of greens, blues, red, any color you could think of. The colors rotated and swirled, moving all around my iris. I lifted my hand up to my face, setting it right under my eye. My nails were still painted the deep, pitch-black color that they were the night of the crash.
  7. I lifted my face, looking around for Jake again. I saw him, waiting at the crosswalk leading onto the street where the accident happened. When the light turned green, signaling he could cross, I expected him to start walking. When he didn't I got a bit worried. Then I relized why he wasn't walking. He pulled a rose out of his pocket, and set it down by the light. There was a little tag attached to it with my name on it.
  8. The tears sprang to my eyes before I could stop them. I always knew I hd a bit a a crush on Jake, but I never knew he liked me to. He actually missed me, yet here I was standing, watching him leave me the rose. I turned back to the group of other kids, "Please, you need to help me. I need to get out of here," I begged them.
  9. I could see a look of sympathy spring on all of their faces after I begged them for help. Aslyn said, "We'll try." The afro boy told me, "Of course, mon." And the nerd boy, "I don't know, te laws of physics say-" Aslyn elbowed him, then looked back over at me. "Ignore him."
  10. "Thank you." I said to them, hoping that they would be able to get me back to my life, and back to Jake.

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