Which kit are you? (part 9)

Sorry it took me sooooooo long to get this part out, I had writers block on this series. So I just started writing another series and then my writers block was gone. Oh and if you read or have read the Percy Jackson series, please take my quiz Apollo's Curse. Just hit the blue name that says DaughterOfApollo.

Are you Wolfpaw? Emberpaw? Starpaw? Lightningpaw? Or Eaglepaw? If you haven't taken the first 8 quizzes of this series, then j suggest you do or risk being terribly confused.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Emberpaw's POV: Emberpaw walked into camp and saw Lightningpaw, Starpaw, Wolfpaw, and Eaglepaw talking in the clearing. She walked towards them and immediately, Lightningpaw asked, "What happened?" "You'll find out soon enough." Emberpaw meowed, sitting down next to them. Then, Lionstar jumped on top of the High Ledge and called out for a Clan meeting. Once everyone got settled, he began talking, "We went to WindClan and they eventually agreed to stop the accusations.... After a fight." "Is everyone okay?" Brightheart called out. "Yes, everyone is fine. Except, Dovewing needs to go see Jayfeather about her side wound." Lionstar replied and Dovewing padded over to where Jayfeather was waiting, outside of the medicine cat den. Once they were inside the den, Lionstar continued, "Blossomfall, I need you to organize extra patrols on each side of the border now." Lionstar told his deputy.
  2. Blossomfall dipped her head in response and the meeting came to an end. "Emberpaw!" Blossomfall called out to her apprentice, "I want you to go on a border patrol with me, Foxleap, Ivypool, and Thornclaw." "Okay, which border?" Emberpaw asked. "ShadowClan." Blossomfall replied, then started organizing the other patrols until she was done. "Let's go." Thornclaw told them, then headed out towards the ShadowClan border. 'Try and stay calm. Don't loose your temper.' Emberpaw heard Starpaw say in her head. 'I won't.' Emberpaw replied, then hurried off to catch up with the rest of the patrol. ********TIME SKIP (just a little)******** The patrol just got done putting down the scent makers and were about to head back to camp when.... Emberpaw heard a rustle in the bushes, coming from the ShadowClan side. A cat stepped out of the bushes and growled, "Where are Blackstar, Tigerheart, Lightningpaw, and Wolfpaw?" "Why do you wanna know?" Emberpaw challenged. She glanced around to try and find the rest of the patrol, but they were gone, probably heading back to camp. "Because they belong to ShadowClan!" He hissed. "Lightningpaw and Wolfpaw are ThunderClan." Emberpaw retorted. "They were raised in ShadowClan!" The tom hissed. "But they were born in ThunderClan!" Emberpaw growled. "Why do you care anyway? You never knew them." He sneered. "Lightningpaw is my brother and Wolfpaw is my best friend." Emberpaw replied. When she said that, the cats gaze had a look of surprise across his face.
  3. "Surprised?" Emberpaw sneered, "You act like you didn't know." "Because I didn't know." He snapped. "Well now you do, so you can leave now." Emberpaw told him. "I'm not going anywhere until ShadowClan has at least one apprentice." He hissed while crouching down low like he was about to spring at her. 'Fox dung.' Emberpaw thought as she realized that he meant that he wanted her in ShadowClan. The ShadowClan cat leaped at Emberpaw, throwing her to to the ground. 'Don't use your power, Emberpaw! We're coming!' Starpaw said in Emberpaw's head. The cat was on top of Emberpaw, raking his claws against her side, and making her a little dizzy. Then, he grabbed Emberpaw by her scruff and pulled her across the ShadowClan border, into the pine trees. "Let me go!" Emberpaw yowled in rage. Pawsteps came thudding towards them. "Oh good. You have one." A she-cat's voice said. "Yeah. Now help me get her to camp, Olivenose." He said. "Okay, Oakfur." Olivenose replied and then picked up Emberpaw so she was off the ground.
  4. When they reached the camp, they threw Emberpaw on the ground in the middle of the clearing. She quickly got up to her paws and let out a hiss, making her fur fluff up. "I'll go get Rowanstar." A cat meowed and then rushed off to a den. A couple of heart beats later, a cat, who Emberpaw was guessing was Rowanstar, came out of the den and walked towards her. 'Emberpaw, Wolfpaw told me to tell you to not freak out. Eaglepaw and Lightningpaw are coming into their camp to get you.' Starpaw told her. 'No. Just go and tell Lionstar.' Emberpaw replied. 'Are you sure?' Starpaw asked. 'Yes, I'm sure.' Emberpaw replied. "Are you going to answer my question?" Rowanstar growled at her. "And your question would be...." Emberpaw meowed sarcastically, even though she didn't know the question 'cause she was too busy talking to Starpaw through their minds. "I asked you who you are." He growled. "That's for me to know and for you to find out." Emberpaw meowed. "I am trying to find out!" He hissed. "Well good luck with that." Emberpaw meowed calmly. "I will find out eventually. Next question. Who are your parents and do you have any siblings?" Rowanstar asked. "Your question can be answered with mine. Do your remember Lightningpaw?" Emberpaw asked. "Yes." Rowanstar replied, a little confusion in his voice. "Well, he's my brother. So now you know my sibling and my parents." Emberpaw said. "Not again! How many times are going to have to get one of Lionstar's kits?" Some cat wailed. 'Emberpaw, we told Lionstar, and he's coming to the ShadowClan camp with Eaglepaw, Hollyleaf, Lightningpaw, me, Tigerheart, and Blackstar.' Starpaw said. 'Okay.' Emberpaw replied.
  5. "Now are you going to tell me your name?" Rowanstar asked. "I might." Emberpaw shrugged. 'We are about six fox-lengths from their camp.' Starpaw told Emberpaw. 'Okay.' She replied. "Well, your going to find out my name in a little while." Emberpaw meowed. "And why is that?" Rowanstar asked, suddenly curious. "Because of this." Emberpaw meowed and then the ThunderClan patrol came threw the barrier. "Why have you come here, Lionstar?" Rowanstar asked, completely furious. "Because you have Emberpaw." Lionstar hissed. "Blackstar, Tigerheart? What are doing in ThunderClan?" Some cat asked. "You have turned away from the warrior code and we did not want to be apart of that anymore." Blackstar replied. "Now give us back Emberpaw. Or will you have us take her back, by force?" Lionstar meowed. "We need apprentices!" Rowanstar growled. "That's not our problem." Lionstar hissed. "If you want her back, then your going to have to take her by force." Rowanstar said. "Very well. We will take her back now." Lionstar said. "But we don't even have a battle patrol." Tigerheart told Lionstar. "We don't need one. Eaglepaw, Lightningpaw, Starpaw, and Emberpaw, you may do what I know you've been dying to do since we got here." Lionstar told them. "You're having apprentices take on the whole of ShadowClan?" Rowanstar asked in an amused tone. "Yes." Lionstar replied simply. Then, lightning struck the ground right next to Rowanstar, making him jump out of the way. "What happened?" He demanded. "I made lightning strike the ground." Lightningpaw meowed. Fire blazed through the middle of the clearing. "What's happening?" Rowanstar demanded. "I could've sone that a long time ago." Emberpaw meowed. "Then why didn't you?" He asked. 'Because I didn't let her.' Starpaw said in all of their minds. "Who said that." Rowanstar asked, fear creeping into his voice. "I did." Starpaw replied. "What can you do?" Rowanstar asked Eaglepaw. "Do you really want to find out?" Eaglepaw asked. "No." Rowanstar replied quietly. "Emberpaw, you can come with us now." Lionstar meowed. Emberpaw padded off to stand next to the patrol. "And if you ever try to steal another cat from ThunderClan, then we won't hesitate to destroy you." Lionstar threatened, and then they walked out of the ShadowClan camp. "Wait, Lionstar." Some cat called as he rushed out of the camp. "What is it Littlecloud?" Lionstar asked. "I wish to join ThunderClan." Littlecloud meowed. "Very well." Lionstar said after thinking about it.
  6. The patrol crossed over to the ThunderClan side and Lionstar meowed, "Hollyleaf, Blackstar, Tigerheart, and Littlecloud, go back to camp." "Okay." Hollyleaf meowed and then they headed back. "Starpaw, tell Wolfpaw to come here." Lionstar said to Starpaw. A couple of minutes later, Wolfpaw showed up. "Now, I'm going to have to tell the clan about you powers when we get back." Lionstar told them. "We know." Eaglepaw meowed. "Okay, good, and then tomorrow at the gathering, I'm going to have to tell the other clans." Lionstar meowed. The apprentices nodded their heads in agreement. "And the next day after the gathering, we would like to leave for the Tribe." Lightningpaw meowed. "Why the Tribe?" Lionstar asked. "Because of the prophecy." Starpaw answered. "Very well. Now, let's get back to camp." Lionstar meowed. They padded back to camp and as soon as they reached it, Lionstar jumped on top of the High Ledge and called out for a Clan meeting.
  7. Once the cats gathered around, Lionstar continued, "Emberpaw is back with us, and Littlecloud decided to join us." A murmur of approval went across ThunderClan. "Now, I wish to tell you something about our apprentices. As you all know, Dovewing, Jayfeather, and I have powers. When Dovewing had kits, they got powers too. And when Cinderheart had my kits, they also got powers." Lionstar let the news sink in before going on, "Eaglepaw can create windstorms and is faster than any cat. Starpaw can read minds, see the future, and she is basically a psychic cat. Wolfpaw has Dovewing's power. Lightningpaw has lightning and my power, and Emberpaw has fire." He finished off. "So what does this all mean?" Cloudtail called out. "We do not know yet but, they will be leaving to go to the Tribe of Rushing Water, after the gathering tomorrow." Lionstar replied. "Why the Tribe?" Ivypool asked. "Because of the prophecy that they recieved." Lionstar answered. "Will you tell the other Clans?" Mousewhisker asked. "Yes." Lionstar meowed. "Can we see their powers?" Foxleap asked. "That's up to them." Lionstar meowed. All heads turned towards the apprentices. Lightningpaw shrugged and Wolfpaw meowed, "Sure." A tornado formed in the middle of the clearing. Fire erupted when the tornado ended and lightning struck the ground. "Right now, I can hear Briarlight breathing and now she's opening and closing her mouth." Wolfpaw meowed. "Foxleap is thinking, 'this is cool yet scaring wait, is Starpaw just going to keep on saying what I'm thinking? Okay I'm gonna try and stop thinking now.'" Starpaw meowed.
  8. Okay, that's all for this part!! Which apprentice do you think you are?
  9. Sorry it took me sooooooo long to get this part out, I had writers block.
  10. Please comment and rate, and tell me which cat you like the best and/or which cat you don't like.

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