A Fallen Love Story Pt 3

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Hey guys here's part 3! Take part 1 and 2 if you haven't already! Part 2 didn't show up on the new quizzes list but it is out! Thanks so much! Love y'all! Comment & Rate 10!

This is about love that's just a little messy and maybe a little heartbreaking. I'll take you on some twists and turns and I hope you like them! The fallen are calling for you...

Created by: Bluebird
  1. *Recap* You made a scene at a coffee shop, you met our bad boy Jesse and he basically forced you into a date. You ran into Astaroth and decided to kill some people for fun. We met your sisters point of view and she swore revenge. Comprende?
  2. I walked to a small stream with Astaroth. To wipe the blood off of our hands. My wings had sprouted out of my back and they were as black as night. In fact so black that midnight couldn't compare. I heard a rustle of leaves and an accompaniment of an owl. "Let's get out of here." Said Astaroth. "I agree." I concluded. We took off and flew. We both eventually had to part our separate ways but we did know where to find each other again. I landed on the roof of my hotel and shook it just for good measure. Most of the people wouldn't care anyway. It was a s**t hotel. I looked over my shoulder, still crouched, and I saw a figure moving in the corner of my vision. I ran to it and held them up by the collar. They had mundane written all over them. No, not literally. Figuratively. I looked the peculiar human up and down. He looked familiar but also distant. He wasn't with the usual fear that the mundanes implied when they were in this situation. It was irritating. "Why are you not scared?" I asked him in an irritated voice. "It's why aren't you scared." "What?" I retorted to his reply. "We live in the 21st century not the 1800's. And I'm not gonna be scared by some wannabe villain." I made my fist even tighter at his collar. This human was a real... what did they call it? Smart a**. I pushed him up against a wall to get a closer look at him. He gasped and I almost dropped him. Almost... I saw the same redy-purple eyes and browny-redy hair from the alley. "You..." I whispered. "You..." He whispered back at the same time. "I guess I should be thanking you human. I haven't had much fun until tonight and I wouldn't have had it if I was still locked in hell." I set him down hard and he thumped with a nice almost crack. I walked to the edge and was about to jump when he said. "Wait! I want to ask some questions! You at least owe me that..." "I owe you nothing!" I said as I turned to face him. "Why are you acting superior? We are the same." "We are not the same mundane! Don't ever say that!" "But it's true!"
  3. "No... it isn't... I am superior... in every way... and I don't associate with humans. I just spared your life... again. Be thankful." "No! I want to find out! Who are you?... What are you?" "Mortal there are more creatures than you can even imagine and they're all around you. You just need to look." I cackled evilly and jumped. My wings had been folded in while talking to the boy but they sprouted out again. I flew to my window and looked up to see him looking down at me. He had his mouth agape and was staring at me and my wings with complete awe and a bit of horror and sorrow. I unlatched my window and hoped inside one leg after the other. I slide in and closed the window. I folded my wings back in and looked at my clothes to see that they were in tatters. I put some fresh clothes on and then flicked through the channels on the electronic box they had. I think it was called a... TV. Or television... What strange people. How did they name these inanimate objects? They serve no proper purpose...
  4. Suddenly my phone contraption went off and when I finally figured out how to open it I pressed the green phone button. "Hello." I answered agitatedly. "I called to ask about that date." "Forget about it." "I don't think I will." Suddenly there was a gust of wind and Jesse appeared in my apartment. I snapped my phone shut and stomped over to him. "Get out!" I yelled at him. "No." He replied coolly and calmly. "Well what about that date." I couldn't take it anymore. "Tomorrow, pick me up at 7." "Great." He said to me in the most seductive voice I'd ever heard. I shook it off and he left with another gust of wind. The little hairs on the back of my neck had been standing on end for as long as Jesse had been here and a few minutes before. Someone was watching me...
  5. ~I watched as my ex boyfriend. Andre. Descended the stairs from the roof and I flew over to the little alcove in the wall near Decarabia's apartment with my creamy white wings. I quickly flew behind a bush as she looked out the window. She looked back and then she answered her ringing phone. All was quiet except for the sound of her voice. She had shut the phone and there was a vampire. Standing in her apartment. "Tomorrow, pick me up at 7." "Great." I heard. She turned to the window again after he left. She just stood there... her hand held at the back of her neck...~
  6. I was in a dreamlike state as I lay in my bed. I was back in heaven... before the fall. It was peaceful. No violence and I found helping fun. Not anymore. This really was a dream. But then I watched the fall all over again. If I was in my half right mind I'd wish this was over. But I somehow enjoyed the sorrow of the fallen angels falling... and falling. Even if I was one of them. I was replaying my life before my very eyes and it scared me. For the first time since I entered the mortal realm I was... scared. "It's ok." Said a voice. In my dream I turned and turned and a figure appeared in front of me. "Decarabia... I'm here." I step closer in my dream and lunge forward when I see that it's Gabriel. I try to wrap my arms around him but my arms went straight through him. "What?" I whispered while a tear ran down my cheek. Now this was turning into a nightmare. "Dawn..." "Gabriel." I said as my fingers reached out to him. His reaching out to mine. But an invisible force blew us apart. A booming voice filling the air. "My lord." Said Gabriel while turning to his master. 'I'm sorry Dawn. I couldn't hide this dream for long.' He thought to me. 'As long as I get to see your face it's the most I could have hoped for.' I thought back while another tear rolled down my cheek. I was on the ground... on my knees. "Gabriel..." I whispered as I faded into darkness.
  7. Hey guys! I'm gonna finish it there! Sorry it's short again but it's longer than last time! Anyways I hope you liked it and thanks for taking the quiz! If you get Jesse's result it should be got not gone! My auto-correct is on the fritz!
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