Warrior Cats Love story (She-cat character) Part 2

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This is part 2 now a new male comes in do you like him? well play and find out. however it is finally time to pick the mate for you! so choose wisely!

Ready? set play! Part 3 will be here soon i hope the plot thickens now you have a most hated one a most loved one can you survive though? or will you be doomed?

Created by: Grapejuice
  1. As you wait in the dark tunnel you wonder what your clan would be doing. you also wonder if they would come get you. suddenly you hear a loud yowling. then a face pokes down the hole. it's /______/! He calls out and says "come out quick as you head out you see your clan fighting Shadowclan. when they see that i was free they headed for the entrance and we raced back to camp! when we got there i thanked /_____/ by (/_____/ is either Frostfoot or Sunstorm you get to pick)
  2. The next day Riverflow (the deputy) told you that you would be going on a border patrol with Boneclaw. you remember Boneclaw he had a reputation as a pretty mean cat. once you where far enough away from camp he stopped. You stopped with him. he looked at you and smiled a cruel yet warm smile. then he said "you know Snowpetal your a very nice cat, and your very pretty." at that moment he leaned forward and ran his tongue along your cheek. you
  3. he looks at you through narrowed eyes. and says "whats wrong? its just a lick afraid i'll bite?" he chuckled and stepped forward. you take a step back bumping against a willow. he moves forward and licks you again but this time rougher and he licked you closer to your stomach. you shove past him hissing and you say (this is only if you picked anything except the you purr and lick him back if you clickd that one then just check i didn't do this)
  4. his eyes light up when you lick him back. He weaves around you roughly licking you and purring. you purr in response. You think Boneclaw may be mean but he is cute and who wants some nice cats anyways he'll shake things up! he murmers in your ear. "we should probably hunt then we can continue." you nod finally after you have caught 3 trouts. you lie down next to him in the grass. he lies next to you. he grooms your fur. when he grooms your ears he gives them a sharp nip nothing to draw blood but it does sting.(this is only if you checked the purr and lick him back if you didn't do this check the i didn't do this box) you
  5. When you get back to camp you place the three trout on the fresh-kill pile. it's sun high. the time for sharing tongues, you look around. you spot Sunstorm, Frostfoot, and Boneclaw. you debate which one to share tongues with
  6. (this /_____/ means the one you picked earlier) as you settle next to /_______/ you run your tongue along their back while they do the same to you. After your done they go and get you some prey. you share the prey and then (if you picked Swiftriver she had to leave so play the next scenario with either Sunstorm, Boneclaw, or Frostfoot now this /______/ means your crush) /_____/ asked you if you would like to go for a walk by the river. i agree and go with them the sun was starting to set. as the two of you sit by the bank, you wonder why he brought you here. finally he spoke. "Snowpetal I...I" he takes a deap breath then talks again. "Snowpetal I really like you i always have. so have the other two.I...I would hope that you liked me and I I would like you to think and pick one of us.with that he heads off and leaves you to think of what to do
  7. (this x____x means the one you hate. depends on the on you picked up there this /_____/ still means the one you love)You finally figure it out. you come up to /____/ and tell him I thought over it and well I we are more then friends right? he answers of course we are!!! you purr. but what you didn't know was that x_______x was listening the other tom had found himself a different mate but x________x wanted you and only you. he decided that if he couldn't have you no one could. You twined your tail with /______/ and
  8. 3 moons passed and you felt a little queasiness in your stomach. then you feel stomach pains. you go to see Tumblewhisker (med cat) He smiles and says "Snowpetal your expecting kits!
  9. The end until the next chapter!!!! (this has no efect on the story)
  10. Did you like it so far?

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