Which kit are you? (part 7)

In this quiz it will be Lightningpaw's POV (point of view, in case you didn't know). And there's more trouble on the WindClan border. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Are you Wolfpaw? Lightningpaw? Emberpaw? Starpaw? Or Eaglepaw? Lightningpaw and Emberpaw are brother and sister and their parents are Lionstar and Cinderheart. Wolfpaw, Starpaw, and Eaglepaw are siblings and their parents are Dovewing and Bumblestripe. As the apprentices become warriors, these quizzes will still be called Which kit are you? (part __) so it'll be easier for you to find them.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. Lightningpaw's POV: "Get lower to the ground, Lightningpaw. And keep you hind legs under you so you'll have more force in your pounce." Tigerheart told his apprentice. Lightningpaw did as he was told and then pounced on the flowers two fox lengths away from him. "Very good. No you try Emberpaw." Blossomfall told her apprentice. Lightningpaw watched his sister crouch down into the perfect hunter crouch, and then she slid forward like a snake. Without any warning, she pounced on the same flower bundle as Lightningpaw. "Wow, that was impressive." Lightningpaw praised his sister. They had already gone over battle training for the last week, and now they are touching up their hunters crouch. "That was excellent, Emberpaw. You're going to be one of the best hunters ThunderClan has ever seen." Blossomfall praised her apprentice. "Thanks." Emberpaw meowed. "Alright, now let's see you do he same,, Wolfpaw." Black star told his apprentice.
  2. Wolfpaw crouched down in the hunters crouch and stayed there till Blackstar was done checking her position. "All right, now pounch on those flowers." Blackstar told her. Wolfpaw sprang in the air with ease, and then landed squarely on top on the flowers. "Very good. Now why don't you three go hunt around WindClan side and we'll hunt around the ShadowClan side." Blossomfall meowed. "Okay, sounds good to me." Emberpaw meowed, then all three of the apprentices took off towards the border. They stopped at the edge of the river. "Why don't we split up? Wolfpaw you go upstream, Emberpaw you go downstream, and I'll stay around here." Lightningpaw suggested. They both nodded in response and then took off towards the direction they were told to go.
  3. Lightningpaw tasted the air for prey and quickly scented a water vole, not to far off. Dropping into a hunters crouch, he slid forward until he was two fox lengths away. He quickly pounced on it and killed it in one swift motion, letting the warm scent of fresh-kill flow through his nose. Lightningpaw quickly scraped dirt over it so he can come back and get it later. He scented a mouse and saw it by the river, looking for food. Once Lightningpaw killed the plump mouse, a yowl of rage came from the WindClan side.
  4. "Why can't you hunt on your own side?" Boulderfoot (a.k.a. Boulderpaw) meowed angrily. "In case you didn't notice, I never crossed the river." Lightningpaw spat then kicked some dirt over the mouse. "Yes you did! I saw you. How would you like me to tell Lionstar that you crossed the river?" Boulderfoot sneered. "Do you even know who I am?" Lightningpaw asked calmly. "Your an apprentice." Boulderfoot answered. "And I'm also Lionstar's son. So who do you think he'll believe?" Lightningpaw meowed, enjoying the look of shock on Boulderfoot's face. "And besides, I'm not even wet." Lightningpaw told Boulderfoot.
  5. "Not yet." Boulderfoot growled then leapt across the river, charging at Lightningpaw. 'Fox dung' Lightningpaw thought as he felt Boulderfoot slam into him. Just then Lightningpaw felt power running through him as he attacked Boulderfoot. Lightning hit the ground next to Boulderfoot, making him flinch away. "Get out of my territory." Lightningpaw hissed. "Not until I have the prey that you stole." Boulderfoot growled. "I never stole any prey." Lightnigpaw growled back. Boulderfoot attacked, knocking Lightningpaw off his paws. Slashing out with his two front paws, Lightningpaw was able to push Boulderfoot near the edge of the river. Lightningpaw lost his balance as he stepped on a branch. "Ha, not so good now, are you?" Boulderfoot growled as he ran into Lightningpaw, knocking him down. Just then, a huge gust of wind came and knocked Boulderfoot off his paws and onto the ground. Eaglepaw appeared beside Lightningpaw and they both drove Boulderfoot back on the other side of the border. "You'll be sorry for this." Boulderfoot called. "Oh yeah? You couldn't even beat an apprentice." Eaglepaw called back, amusement in his eyes.
  6. "Are you alright?" Lightningpaw asked Eaglepaw as he saw blood on his muzzle. "Yeah I'm fine, it doesn't hurt." Eaglepaw meowed. "What about you? I don't even see any scratches on you, and you were fighting him longer than I was." Eaglepaw said. "I didn't even feel him draw blood. I felt him hit me, but it was a distant pain." Lightningpaw confessed. "How come you get two powers?" Eaglepaw said, jokingly. "Because I'm awesome." Lightningpaw meowed. "How did you know I needed help?" He asked. "I ran into Wolfpaw and she told me. She said that she was going to go find Emberpaw and Starpaw while I came and helped you." Eaglepaw answered. "Who attacked you?" Emberpaw demanded as she came out of the bushes, followed by Starpaw and Wolfpaw. "Boulderfoot, but don't worry, I didn't get hurt. I think I also have Lionstar's power of not getting hurt in battle." Lightningpaw replied. "Thank StarClan." Emberpaw meowed as she let out a sigh of relief. "We should have Jayfeather take a look at those scratches on your nose, Eaglepaw. It's starting to drip blood." Starpaw meowed, gently. "Okay." Eaglepaw meowed and then he and Starpaw headed back to camp. "How did it start?" Wolfpaw meowed. "It was over prey. Boulderfoot thought that I crossed the border and stole some prey." Lightningpaw answered. "Come on, we better take our prey back to camp before the whole ThunderClan starts to worry." He meowed and then dug up his water vole and plump mouse. Wolfpaw had two black birds and Emberpaw had a starling and a vole.
  7. Which kit/apprentice do you think you are?
  8. Please tell me in the comments what you got and/or which apprentice you like the best.
  9. (I know I've said this before but I need one more question box filled out). As the apprentices get older it will still be called Which kit are you? (part __). And I'm sorry if this quiz was shorter than the others.
  10. Stay tuned for Which kit are you? (part 8).

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