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  • "Aw I never saw :| And yah.. XP"
  • This is a thread.
    "He sighed. "They didn't have enough room on the team. I only get to play if a player is injured and they need me." Arthur picked up the foot..."
  • "Where hath thee been!?"
  • "(Omg sorry ;-; I was on the anime forum) I looked up to see Elizabeth giggling. "Huh? What is it?" I asked, my mouth still fu"
  • "I MISSED CHU ;-;"
  • This is a thread.
    ""Yes I'm fine. T-thank you. For talking to them for me," the Brit said, resisting the temptation to go back there and she Ivan why he..."
  • aint that america
    "No, I am Britain. See the picture? BRITAIN."
  • "ICYYYYY *glomps*"
  • This is a thread.
    "Ivan chuckled. "Team mate? Not since he got beat out for a freshman." He set down the football, then walked away wih a smirk on his face, Ya..."
  • This is a thread.
    "Ivan looked at the freshman, trying to be intimidating, but it was obvious that even he was nervous, considereing the fact that Alfred was ..."
  • "It's Envy's palmtree hair! :D"
  • This is a thread.
    "Arthur soon saw Ivan's tall figure and Yao's standing nearby. He took a deep breath, ready to be laughed at. Then, in Ivan's hands, Arthur s..."
  • This is a thread.
    ""I at all possible. He like to stick to hus own ideas, but if you think he'll believe us.." Arthur hesitated for a second, patted the americ..."
  • This is a thread.
    ""Damn..," Arthur mumbled, "I'm so screwed." He ran his fingers through his hair, sighing. "I can't go back out there now. Ivan will ..."
  • This is a thread.
    "(Thanks .3.)"

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