Zombie apocalypse...WILL YOU SURVIVE?

You all probably have heard about zombie apocalypse,And you all may know its gonna happen in 2012,But some of you probably dont believe in it,If so just google it and you might get some information.

If zombies rise up and start taking over the world,Do you think you are gonna survive?Do you have what it takes to survive such a disaster?Take this quiz and figure out!

Created by: Viktor

  1. Do you believe zombie apocalypse will happen?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Do you have a strong breathe? (Eg you can run constantly for long)
  4. Do you have a first aid kit in your house?
  5. How about guns?
  6. Zombies are approaching your house...you
  7. Zombies have taken over the city,and you are out of city,you...
  8. A zombie bites your best friend,you kill the zombie but your friend does not look ok,YOU
  9. Last question,are you PREPARED FOR A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?
  10. Do you try to use melee weapons in order to save your self some bullets?
  12. Rate and comment please?....Please?

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Quiz topic: Zombie apocalypse...will I SURVIVE?