How likely are you to survive?

The apocalypse. A gruesome future that could very likely happen. 1 year or 100, no body knows, but it will happen, and not everyone will survive. It may be nuclear warfare, the classic zombie, or environmental decay.

Most will die, some will rise and live through a new chapter in humanity. This quiz may determine if you have the necessary skills to survive. Note: this quiz is supposed to be fun and will NOT prepare you for survival in ANY environment

Created by: Taylor
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  1. The apocalypse is here! Choose a weapon
  2. Radiation has flooded a nearby lake/river. What now?
  3. You need a many?
  4. How well do you take death?
  5. Do you trust your government? Why?
  6. How trusting are you in general?
  7. Shelter...what do you have?
  8. Random Question :D favorite pet!?!?
  9. How mechanical are you?
  10. How good of a cook are you?
  11. Friend/lover is infected with a zombie virus, what now?
  12. How fit are you?
  13. Ever taken other zombie quizzes
  14. Any phobias?
  15. Is radiation bad?
  16. How quickly can you get a hold of all needed supplies? (food, weapons, shelter, etc.)
  17. Are you ready for any apocalypse?
  18. FINAL QUESTION Chuck Norris?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to survive?