would you survive doomsday

do you know what to do during the collapse of civilization.think so? then take this quiz and find out hope you score high.good luck and go and survive (this is my first quiz)

(this is my first quiz)their are people that think this world will end soon. if it really does could you survive the end of the world as we know it....

Created by: chris
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  1. Your watching tv and a news flash informs you that the civil order has calapsped what do you do?
  2. its been weeks since the collapse of civil life, your supplies are running low do you leave your house
  3. if you leave your house what method of transport fo you take
  4. what type of weopon would you carry with you?
  5. you found an area with plenty of supplies where do you make base
  6. a group of raiders is raiding your supplies what do you do?
  7. a group of refugees want to join you would you let them?
  8. would you try to make a colony? if so where
  9. (doesnt count)why did you take this quiz
  10. (doesnt count)you want me to make more quizzes

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