Survive? Zombies.

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Are you fit for survival? Do you know what it takes to live through the en-slaughter? Gather you knowledge and test it to the brink of insanity. The end is near.2012.

Will you survive? The ultimate quiz of you life. Are you smart enough? good enough? strong enough? to take this test? of course you are im just sure you will survive.. if you take this test you will know for how LONG you will live.

Created by: Zombifier
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  1. How much do you know about zombies?
  2. how many weapons can you acquire within 5 minutes?
  3. Who/how many(people) would you take with you?
  4. Choose a weapon
  5. Do you know how to operate a weapon(s)?
  6. Do you have a plan?
  7. How fast can you run?
  8. how strong are you?
  9. Deep sleeper?
  10. Where for insta-kill zombies? (Where can you kill it in one hit/shot)
  11. You are surrounded by zombies in an large open space. You count 16 of them, you only have 4 shots, and a knife. Options?
  12. Which Vehicle?(ground)
  13. Which Vehicle? (AIR)
  14. How loud/quiet do you tend to be?

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