Zombie Survival

The world now seems innocent enough. What would you do if the world was then filled with flesh eating zombies? Everything you have learned in your life is useless.

Would you be able to survive? Would you be able to defend yourself and be able to hunt and gather enough food to make it through the cold winters? Only the elite will survive, are you one of them?

Created by: zombieking
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where do you live?
  2. Who would you like to have with you?
  3. Where would you set up your defence?q
  4. weapon of choice
  5. Mode of transportation
  6. You best friend has just been bit, what do you do?
  7. Zombies remember people who were close to them in real life?
  8. To kill a zombie fastest you....
  9. Do you know how to fish/hunt?
  10. Do you own a zombie survival guide?
  11. Have you ever killed anything before?
  12. do you own a gun?
  13. Probability of a zombie epidemic?
  14. How fast, on average, can a zombie walk?
  15. Zombies can't live underwater
  16. during the Apocalypse, zombies are my greatest threat
  17. You see another group of Survivors near your fort do you...
  18. Does Playing Music sooth Zombies so that they do not attack?
  19. Poisons work on zombies
  20. If you see a Zombie from afar do you...
  21. Can Zombies communicate with one another?
  22. What type of clothing would you wear?
  23. You are scouting out a forest and you see a stream of water do you...
  24. Dogs are a bad pet to have around
  25. Ideal food
  26. Are you willing to give up everything you know and love to survive
  27. Do you currently have a plan?

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