Year 5 Survival Quiz

The world is in chaos. A mysterious illness has swept through city after city, turning it's people into horrible abominations. These things feed on the flesh of the uninfected. Everything has fallen apart. All hope is lost...

Can YOU survive? Can you keep your wits about you during absolute chaos? Do you have what it takes to escape the Zombies and last until Year 5? Take this quiz, if you think you've got what it takes.

Created by: Jarad Denton

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  1. During a Stage 1 (initial symptoms becoming apparent) Zombie Outbreak, the best course of action, if you lived in a city with more that 200,000 people, would be to:
  2. You've decided to make a life for yourself away from urban sprawl. The outbreak has reached Stage 2 (a few fully infected zombies are actively preying upon humans). You have just enough time to take a few items you have collected. What do you bring with you?
  3. These next few questions will test your knowledge of what a normal human male needs to survive for one year: Question 1 - How much water should a person consume in one day?
  4. Question 2 - How long should you boil water before it is purified?
  5. Question 3 - You are out one day, hunting for food. You lose your footing and fall down a steep slope. When you attempt to stand you experience tremendous pain. Although there is no visible wound, you fear you might have a closed fracture. The following are all symptoms of a closed fracture, except:
  6. Question 3 - You are walking through a marshland and come across a growth of Typha Latfolia (Cattail). All of the following are true about Cattails, except:
  7. Question 4 - While out gardening you look up in the sky and notice the cloud formations overhead. The clouds are fairly uniform in layer, high in the stratus, and slightly darker than other clouds beneath them. From your observation, you discern that these clouds are:
  8. The following questions will test your knowledge of Zombies and your reaction to them: Question 1 - During the Spring and Summer months you log an increase in the number of zombie sightings in your remote location. However, the sightings seem to dwindle during the Fall and Winter Seasons. What can you determine from this basic observation?
  9. Question 2 - A group of five zombies have located your home. You have prepared for this and barracaded yourself inside. However, you notice that the zombies seem able to focus on your location inside the house, regardless of whether you move around or not. What can you determine from this observation?
  10. Question 3 - The Zombies have forced you out of your home. As you flee into the wilderness, pursued by zombies, you come upon a lone zombie. It is blocking your only path to safety, so you have to confront him. As you get close, he notices you and lets out a moan that echos through the woods. Seconds later, you hear a dozen identical moans echoing through the woods. What can you determine from this observation?
  11. Question 4 - The Zombie in front of you begins to shuffle towards you. You only have a Combat Knife. What is the best course of action?

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