An Adventure Quiz

What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Would you be able to survive? And finish things off? If so, then this might just be the quiz for you. Can you do it?

"An Adventure Quiz" tells a very entertaining Zombie story and requires the reader to answer Questions for them to see how they'd cope in a situation like this. I hope you enjoy :)

Created by: Lordeldar
  1. You wake up, you walk downstairs. You see cookies, do you eat them?
  2. You walk away happily about your decision. To hear a massive explosion. What do you do?
  3. While doing what you chose, you see a person looking and acting like a Zombie. With a group of others. What now?
  4. While doing what you decided a Zombie comes infront of you. You dive to the side to see another Zombie. What now?
  5. After that decision you managed to escape, luckily. But, you now know about the Zombies. And you have to warn others. Do you?
  6. So, you've decided. More Zombies are coming though, and fast. You think to yourself, should you just give up
  7. You're about to either give in or run for it. But then, a myserious tent appears. Should you enter?
  8. Whatever happened, the Zombies chase you into the Tent. Where you find a mysterious figure. Should you talk to it?
  9. You don't get a say, the figure talks to you first. It says to you "I see grave danger outside. You're safe here. I can see your future, shall I tell you?" So, what do you say to him
  10. The figure then says "You will regret this decision. But anyway, the future. Is deadly, be careful out there." as you leave. But then, you see the future infront of you. You see yourself eaten, do you trust the Vision?
  11. You then realise, it's too late. What you saw was yourself walk out the tent. Then die. And you've taken your step. How do you work a way around it
  12. The zombies push you back into the tent. What now?
  13. The tent vanishes before you could do anything. You quickly thought up a few Clever Solutions. But which one do you pick?

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