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So, you want to have an Ood-filled adventure, but you are hindered by the fact that in real life the Ood does not exist. Well, fear not, there is still a way!

This quiz involves you going on an Ood-related adventure that you'll never forget! So take this quiz, and let the adventures ensue! You won't regret it!

Created by: potto
  1. So there you are, in the shower, just showering normally for the purpose of getting clean. Suddenly, you hear someone behind you, also in the shower, and you turn around to find that it is...
  2. Now you're standing there in the shower with the person you just selected, and you say...
  3. Later on, you're back in your room getting dressed and your new friend is standing outside the door waiting for you. What do you choose to put on?
  4. Now you're dressed (or not), you exit your room and find your new friend standing in the hall (how they became your 'friend' after creeping up on you in the shower is not relevant). They have a very serious look on their face. They voice their Ood-related trouble to you.
  5. You remember how your very own Ood used to not eat the food you prepared and refused to be freed... at least until he disappeared! Maybe this is somehow related.
  6. After a bit of discussion you and your friend decide to go to The Ood Company's headquarters, because they're all experts on the Ood there and they'll probably be able to help you.
  7. So you get in your vehicle and set off for the Ood Company's headquarters. Wait... what exactly is your vehicle anyway?
  8. After a while, you arrive at the OCHQ, only to find that it's sort of the middle of the night and the doors are all locked. You and your friend notice a nearby window is open... what do you do?
  9. Now you're inside. You see two hallways leading off in different directions. What do you do?
  10. You (and possibly your friend, depending on what you picked in question 11) walk down your chosen hallway, only to find it's a dead end.
  11. You step a little too hard on the ground, and fall through a trapdoor! Your friend also falls through (either they stepped with you, or if they were in a different hall, their hall also had a trapdoor).
  12. You and your friend look around, and find that the trapdoor is part of an underground hall that leads off into several rooms. What do you do about this?
  13. Eventually you come across a room filled with hundreds of Ood! You start to say something, but then you hear the door close behind you...
  14. So you turn around, only to find that a masked villain is standing behind you! They're blocking the exit, and you and your friend are trapped!
  15. "Nooo! It's the masked villain!" cries your friend.
  16. Suddenly, the masked villain falls down on the ground. There is a giant bloody patch on the back of whatever garment you imagined them wearing. It looks like they've been stabbed by the person who happens to be standing behind them. Who was standing behind them?
  17. The hero who just stabs the villain explains. "The masked villain is the alter ego of the Ood Company's CEO. They've been keeping the Ood down here to perform experiments on them to make sure they don't eat human food and don't want to be free!"
  18. You wonder who this masked villain is, and so roll them over so they're on their back, and then remove their mask. And it is...
  19. You and your friend and the stabby hero free the Oods and then you go back to your house. At home you think to yourself...

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