Choose an Adventure~The Beginning

Based on the Choose Your Adventure books, this series will be a unique style that I don't know if anyone else has tried. *Haha, grammar fail!* Anywho, if you like it, check out my other series, A Doctor Who Love Story.

I only wanted to write this because it was on my mind all Memorial Day Weekend *for non-Americans, its a holiday where we honor the soldiers fighting for us or dead trying* and I had to write it before my mind would allow me to move on! The first part is bad, but I intend to make the next one better! Comment with your opinion: should I continue or let it drop?

Created by: Bookworm123

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  1. I sit down for another boring lecture. This is going to be a looong day. Jessie, my best friend, motions for me to sit next to her, so I gather my things and relocate. "Hey Jessie," I say, faking a warm smile. "Hey. Listen, I'm in a spot of trouble..." she begins. I ignore the rest of her statement. I'd heard it all before, although the exact wording changed from time to time. "Hey, I gambled too much. Can I borrow some money?" "Hey, I lost some kid's cat so now I need to buy them a new one." "Hey, I need some sponsors for my campaign. People who will help pay for me to run for class president. You in?" were just a few of her plays.
  2. "-murder-" I snap out of my stupor. "What?" I ask. "Do you ever listen to me? I was saying that I'm a suspect for murder!" she says worriedly. "Will you, please, come to the city and prove my innocence?"
  3. "I'll consider it," I say. She smiles. I sit through another hour and a half of lessons I'd already learned before the bell rings. Then I go to the next boring class on my list. All the seats are taken so I sit next to some random boy. He has messy brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes. "You very good at Math?" he asks. I nod, not really paying attention. "How 'bout problem solving?" I turn to face him slowly. "Like riddles, or math word problems?" I ask cautiously. "Never mind. Best pay attention, teacher's glaring in this general direction." I look away and open my book. Looking back, I should have left it at that. But I didn't. I had to go and glance at him when the teacher looked away. I had to see a piece of very old paper sticking out of the boy's backpack.
  4. He notices me looking at his pack and zips it quickly. The teacher sees this and snaps the ruler on his desk. "Pay attention, class isn't over yet," he growls. The boy nods and looks down. "Who are you?" you whisper when the coast is clear. "Chris. Chris Johnson." The bell rings, nearly making me jump. He sprints out of the class before you can get another word from him. The teacher grumbles something about teenagers. I gather my things and walk to my next class. What an odd day it has been so far... Of course, this is normal for me so I generally ignore the strange kid following me.
  5. He has black hair and stunning blue eyes. A big kid suddenly shoves him, throwing his glasses to the other end of the hall. Before he can get to them, the bully steps on them "accidentally." I walk to the glasses and pick them up. The boy nods his thanks, blushes, and runs down the hall. The bell for beginning of class is about to ring! Just in the nick of time, I sit down at a random desk. Next to me just so happens to be the boy from earlier. The one with the broken glasses.
  6. I notice his nose is lacking the small marks all people who wear glasses acquire after a period of time. I then look at his shattered glasses, sitting on his desk. The lenses don't appear to have any medication in them - either that, or they have such a low medication that even my watchful eyes wouldn't notice. In the case of the latter, why wear glasses at all? He caught me staring at them and moved them to his glasses case. Obviously he's uncomfortable. "I never got your name," I whisper as the teacher jots some things down on the whiteboard. He writes on the corner of his notes. "That's for me to know and you to find out," it reads. He certainly doesn't have the personality of a social outcast, that's for sure.
  7. The teacher grabs me by the hair and pulls me to the front of the class. "Write, 'I will not cheat,' 100 times on the board," she instructs. This must be a punishment for reading the boy's notes. I sigh and begin to write, "My teacher's undereducated and has no social life outside of school" 100 times on the board. The teacher wasn't looking, of course. Everyone smiles for the rest of class. When I finish, I quickly erase it before the teacher can see it. The bell rings and I grab my things, sprinting to the next class. And the next one. And the next one. Finally, I walk leisurely to the next, and final, class of the day. Chris, Jessie, and the boy are all in this class with me. I choose to sit by...
  8. Jessie. She smiles wearily as I set down my backpack. "Tell me more about the murder," I implore. "Well, I was out in the club about a week ago; you know the one," she begins. I nod. "I was answering to an inquiry for a small kitchen job. The man questioning me kept asking about how well I could keep a secret. I got a job, but I had no clue how much trouble I was getting into. I started doing sketchy things for a very small wage. It wasn't a kitchen job, to say the least. I approached the man a few days ago. Tried to quit. He said I'd regret it. Threatened me. I put my foot down and he stormed off. Just two days ago the police said a note went to a missing man saying I'd kill him. Only yesterday his body was found. He was shot in the head. The gun was in the dumpster. I wasn't there yesterday!" she whispers. "You were at school at the time of death most likely. Plenty of witnesses. Don't worry, there's nothing that concerns you in that case; you'll be cleared before the day is out!" She smiles. "So I'm innocent?" "Yeah," I say quietly. The bell rings. "So will you still go to the city this weekend and solve the case?" she asks.
  9. Chris. We sit in silence for the whole lesson. Afterwards, however, he grabs my wrist and yanks me to a secluded corner. "___, you are in serious trouble. I nicked a map from a shady looking character a while back. He's been following me ever since. The whole paper is covered in riddles, so I thought I should consult you, since you're the smartest person in school. I changed my mind because I thought I'd spare you the trouble. I only realized after that this man would hunt you down if he saw me consulting you. Please come with me to the jungle and help me get the treasure first," he sputters. "When?" I ask. "Decide by this weekend," he says, then he runs off. "Odd," I mutter to myself.
  10. The boy. He winces as I sit down. "Got a problem?" I ask. "No," he says quickly. A little too quickly. "So, what're you doing over the weekend?" he asks. "Not sure. I might be helping my friend Jessie with an investigation, I might be doing some personal investigations," I say, referring the personal investigations to both him and Chris. The boy just nods. "Well, just stay away from Desdemona. She's bad news." I look at him. "Who's Desdemona?" I ask. "I've said too much already," he says mysteriously. The bell rings and the two of us go our separate ways.
  11. That's it for this quiz! Sorry for those of you who follow A Doctor Who Love Story, but this was seriously on my mind. I couldn't focus on a word of Doctor Who till I pounded this out. It was a spur of the moment, rushed thing so if you don't like it, that's fine. Please comment whether I should continue this or leave it.

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