City Life ~ Part 1

Welcome to City Life! This quiz will be about you an 18 year old girl who is going out to New York to go to school and enter the first steps of adulthood! This Quiz will be a bit different since it is the most interactive quiz. Basically every decision you make will be counted and at the end of each quiz you will see how your decisions determined your story. Your story will change based off of your answers. For example, if a guy asks you out and you say yes, in the next quiz you will go on a date with that guy. If you say no you won't. Everyone who takes this quiz will not have the same story. It will be more unique to you :)

Alright first things first. This quiz will be a bit different. It will ask certain questions that will determine the start of your story. Will you go off to the big Apple with dreams of Fame or Love? Find out with this quiz! Remember you have tons of chances to change your story throughout this series so don't worry if you don't really like the start of your story. However, your result is based off the answers you choose :)

Created by: Sequoria

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First off Please read the description above. There is some important information in there. If you don't read it you may be a bit confused so I advise reading it.
  2. Imagine that you are getting ready to go off to college, what did you choose as your major?
  3. Have you ever wanted to be a model or have been approached by a modeling agency?
  4. What's your view on love?
  5. Do you play or would like to learn to play an instrument?
  6. Do you take dance lessons or would you like to?
  7. Do you enjoy acting on stage?
  8. What must you dream job include?
  9. What's your favorite thing to do?
  10. So it's the big day. You are all packed up and heading for New York. What are you looking forward to?
  11. Would you rather be Single or Taken?
  12. Pick One
  13. Which out of these would you like to live in?
  14. Would you like to be famous or would you rather not have your name in the lights?
  15. Would you rather be rich or in love?
  16. Do you like music?
  17. Are you tall for your age?
  18. Can you Sing, Dance, and Act?
  19. Ok that's the end of this quiz. Remember this quiz is just to determine your story line. The next quiz will actually be a story type quiz. I hope you stay tuned and check out the quiz! XD

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